“Idol Land PriPara” Mobile App Unveils New Screenshots

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Takara Tommy Arts reveals new screenshots for the upcoming smartphone app “Idol Land PriPara” (アイドルランドプリパラ), which is set to launch this spring.


“Idol Land PriPara” is a mobile app based on the idol-themed franchise “PriPara”. Players can enjoy the idol life by creating their own idols at the theme park “PriPara,” where anyone can become an idol. The app aims to provide a “fun space for players to gather” by strengthening the social communication functions of smartphones.

Players can now pre-register the game via following the Official Twitter/ Youtube Channel. All players will be able to obtain idol coins and special stage costumes when the pre-registration reaches 50,000.

Web Anime

To celebrate the development of “Idol Land PriPara”, a new web anime series of the same name will also start streaming simultaneously. A new teaser visual showcasing Shogo Yumekawa and his sister Yui Yumekawa is revealed.

Makoto Moriwaki, the director of the original two “PriPara TV” anime series, will return to direct the “Idol Land PriPara” web anime, alongside the series composition writer Michihiro Tsuchiya. Tatsunoko Production will work on anime production.

Official Site

Official Twitter

アイドルランドプリパラ Idol Land PriPara アイドルランドプリパラ Takara Tomy Arts Release Date: 2021年春 Pre-register
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