Can You Find All the Keys in Mankai Company? “A3!” Mobile Game Opens 4th Anniversary Special Site!

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Liber Entertainment’s actor-raising mobile game “A3!” has opened a special site to celebrate its fourth anniversary on 27th January. A special campaign “MANKAI KEY HUNTING” is also held to challenge visitors to find the keys hidden in the dormitory of Mankai Company.



How to Play

On this special site, doors of various designs are displayed. When you tap the door, the members of the Mankai Company will open the door and appear.

You can also join the “MANKAI KEY HUNTING” campaign via smartphone/ tablet and find the 24 keys hidden in the MANKAI dormitory. This gives a rare opportunity to have a sneak peak in the members’ room and their daily lives. You can also acquire smartphone wallpapers featuring the members in their 4th anniversary costumes.



4th Anniversary Site

Official Site

Official Twitter

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