“Identity V” x “The Promised Neverland” Collaboration Starts Today

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NetEase’s asymmetrical survival game “Identity V” today (23rd February) begins the crossover event with TV anime “The Promised Neverland”. The event is available in all servers and will run until 17th March.

Collaboration PV

Collaboration Details

The crossover event will feature new items from the essence, including Bloody Queen’s Costume – Isabella, the Gardener’s A Costume – Emma, the Prisoner’s A Costume – Ray, the Embalmer’s A Costume – Norman, and various crossover-exclusive accessories, portraits and graffiti.

■ Bloody Queen’s Costume – Isabella

■ The Gardener’s A Costume – Emma

■ The Prisoner’s A Costume – Ray

■ The Embalmer’s A Costume – Norman

Also, by participating in in-game activities, you can get costume rewards of Don (Forward) and Gilda (The Mind’s Eye).

The event’s pre-registration has achieved 5,000,000. All players who have participated can claim up to 5 Crossover Essences.

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