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“Godzilla Singular Point” 25th March Netflix JP Debut Confirmed!

Mr. Qoo

The official website for  “Godzilla Singular Point” (ゴジラ S.P) has revealed that the series will debut on Netflix JP on 25th March a week before the scheduled premiere date on TV (1st April). The series is expected to stream on Netflix worldwide later this year.

In addition to the Netflix debut date, the new key visual on the official website also reveals the OP of the series to be “in case…” performed by Japanese idol group BiSH.

About the Series

Studio Bones, known for animating the “My Hero Academia” anime series, is partnering with Orange, the studio behind “Beastars”. Filmmaker Atsushi Takahashi who is directing “Godzilla Singular Point” mentioned that the series will combine hand-drawn and CG animation styles.

“Exorcist” Kazue Kato is designing the characters, while Ghibli animator Eiji Yamamori is working on a new Godzilla design.

Staff and Production

Director: Atsushi Takahashi (高橋敦史)
Series Composition & Script: Toh Enjoe (円城塔)
Original Character Design: Kazue Kato (加藤和恵)
Character Design: Satoshi Ishino (石野聡)
Monster Design: Eiji Yamamori (山森英司)
Music: Kan Sawada (沢田完)
Animation: Bones x Orange

Official Site

Official Twitter

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