CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta Starter Tips and Guides

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If you’re reading this, then you’ve already finished re-rolling for the characters you’ve wanted, right? If not, here’s our re-roll tier list showing you some of the characters we recommend.

In this starter guide, we’ll be going through some of the things you want to pay attention to when you start the game, from what your priorities are for progressing in the game to what you want to make sure you do every day (or whenever you’re playing) and things you should prepare to make going through the game’s content a little easier.

A & B Teams & Healers

Unlike most games where your units are healed back to max HP after each fight, in Code: Seed, any damages your units sustain during combat lingers after the fight and even after the stage is cleared. Whilst the game provides you with enough “Speed Up” times to instantly heal your units, this is only enough for you if you’re playing casually and have no problem with waiting for your units to heal.

A great way to reduce the time you need to heal is to stick a healer into your team but if you’re planning to rush through content, it is also good to keep a backup team that is at a similar level to your main team so you can continue to push through content. This team can be built with more common units. As you summon during the gacha and get dupes of these characters, you’ll be able to limit break them to boost their base stats to even out the quality difference.

Combat Tips

If you’ve played through the initial tutorial then you’ve pretty much covered all the basic controls in combat. Each turn you will have a hand of character skill blocks which you can use individually or link together to perform different skills. Though this may sound obvious, it is important to read through what skills your unit has and what they do. Code: Seed has a very simple combat mechanic, but the combat is deceptively deep.

A lot of the skills in the game require setting up before maximum potential is reached. A simple example is Einstein who progressively increases the damage she does the more she attacks. A more complex example is Asoka, depending on whether you have Zen or not, the three chain skill has a different effect. Understanding what your units’ skills can potentially do is important to make the most out of them.

During boss fights or when you’re having troubles, you can also swipe activate your team special when the bar at the bottom glows. You can activate the team’s special by swiping all the skill blocks from left to right.

What to Focus On

The way Code: Seed is made makes just blindly charging through the main exploration chapters a little meaningless. The important thing to look at is your Survival Handbook.

Each stage of the Survival Handbook makes you progress further into the exploration chapters as well as help set up your main base, unlocking new buildings and daily challenges that makes upgrading your units easier by giving you more methods to obtain the materials required.

Strength in Numbers

Once you unlock Alliance, I highly recommend you join one. The main reason you want to join an Alliance is that you can request help from other members. This saves you a lot of time on crafting, building upgrades, and most importantly Sortie. Being able to complete Sortie faster means you can gather materials like Training Points and Building Tools faster. This will help you grow your units much faster.

Joining an active Alliance will also open Secret Realms for you to do additional farming with your Alliance members.

Have you found any other tips and tricks that you find useful? Let us know in the comments!

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