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“My Time at Portia” Heading to Mobile on August 4

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The mobile version of Nuverse’s “My Time at Portia” adventure sim was confirmed to launch worldwide on August 4. The game is currently available for pre-registration on Google Play and the Apple Store, with a variety of community rewards given away when it hits the registration milestones.



Developed by Chinese studio Pathea Games, “My Time at Portia” was first launched for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019.

The game takes place long after civilization has been destroyed, where humans have emerged from underground and begun rebuilding society. The goal of the game is to expand the city of Portia and become the best builder.

Features for Mobile Version

The mobile version of “My Time at Portia” features a full touchscreen interface with revamped user interface design to fit mobile devices. Convenient features such as shortcuts, auto-save, and manual save functions will be available. A Quick Assembly function is also available on top of the original Assembly System’s functions, which allows builders to quickly assemble items by approaching the target of assembly and tapping the corresponding parts.

Like its PC version, players can farm, craft, gather resources, and make lifelong friends/ partners in the post-apocalyptic world with an aim to become Portia’s number one workshop, as well as uncovering underground secrets along the way.

Pre-registration Rewards

A pre-registration milestone campaign is now available, which will give players unique rewards based on the number of players who sign up for the game before it arrives in August. The rewards are as follows;

5,000: Energy Gift Box + Storage Box
10,000: Swimwear (Mobile Exclusive)
15,000: Massage Chair (Mobile Exclusive)
30,000: Mushroom Cabin (Mobile Exclusive)
40,000: A Gift From Sandrock For Portia (Mobile Exclusive)

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