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Netflix Geeked Week Drops Massive Bombs on Gaming Series!


On the last day of Netflix’s Geeked Week (11th June), Netflix revealed an incredible amount of new information from first looks at League of Legends Arcane, the Cuphead animated series, the future of the Castlevania animated series, the first look at Witcher Season 2, the cast for the Live-Action Resident Evil show, and a jaw-dropping collaboration with Ubisoft to bring three new animated series based on Ubisoft titles!

Arcane New Footage: A Score to Settle

Kicking of the live-stream, Netflix unveiled new images for Riot’s League of Legends animated series “Arcane”. Surging a wave of anticipation in the comments section of the live-stream. The excitement erupted as Netflix revealed a new footage for the series featuring Jynx and a peek at her past.

The Cuphead Show

We all remember the game that swept the gaming world off its feet in 2017. During Netflix’s live-stream, a sneak peek clip featuring King Dice was unveiled. The cast for King Dice was also revealed to be the amazing Wayne Brady during the reveal.

Castlevania Continues with new Spin-off Series

Season 4 of Netflix’s Castlevania was the official final season for the series but the show has left fans yearning for more. During the live-stream, Netlfix announced that the series will continue to grow with a new spin-off series that will be set in 1792 France with the French Revolution as the backdrop. The series will revolve around Richter Belmont, the son of Sypha and Trevor, and Maria Renard. The new series is currently in production. No news has been announced about the actual air dates.

Witcher Season 2 First Looks

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the Witchers series was incredibly well-received not only by fans of the games and books but also by the rest of the world. The second season for the shows wrapped up just a little earlier this year, to whet the appetites of fans a short teaser was revealed during the live-stream. Additionally, Netflix also revealed that they will be collaborating with CD Projekt Red to create WITCHERCON. WITCHERCON will take place on 9th July 2021.

Netflix x Ubisoft

Amongst all the exciting news Netflix revealed, the most exciting one for us was the collaboration with Ubisoft to bring not one, not two, but three animated series based on Ubisoft titles.

The first announcement was a first look at the Splinter Cell animated series. The live-stream unveiled the first look of the legendary Sam Fisher. The series will be written by Derek Kolstad, the creator of the critically acclaimed John Wick franchise.

The second announcement showed Captain Laserhawk A Blood Dragon Remix. The series is based off the iconic Far Cry 3: BLood Dragon DLC. Adi Shankar of Bootleg Universe is the creator and story writer of the series. The animation will be created by Bobbypills.

and Finally, the third series was announced to be a Far Cry series. So far there are no information on this mysterious series.

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