[Qoo Guide] KonoSuba Reroll Tier List – A Starter Guide for Everything You Need to Know to Get Started


KonoSuba Fantastic Days (FD) Global is out! Whilst certain regions still require VPN to access the game, here are a few guides and tips on the things you’ll need to know to get you ready for the game!


Reroll Recommendations
4-Star Tier List *Summer Part 2 Darkness Included
Daily Requirements


Just like the original Japanese version of the game, the global version of KonoSuba FD has an account reset/delete function which makes rerolling much faster and more convenient. I highly recommend you start with at least three 4-star characters. One of your three starting 4-star characters should be an S Tier character.

Skip Intro Cutscene
Skip Battle Tutorial
Tutorial 10x Summon
Receive Rewards from Mail
Receive Launch Celebration Bonuses (Available Until 3rd Sept 2021)
Complete Stage 1-1 for 50 Quartz (If you haven’t used any gems up until now, you should have a total of around 9000 Quartz)
Summon up to 30 times (10x 3 times)
Use 4-star Guaranteed Ticket
Reset Account and repeat 1-8 until you get your desired characters

Reroll Recommendations

Melissa [Treasure Hunter]


Melissa Treasure Hunter is a great character to start with. Her skills all do dark physical damage which works well with her passive [Dark Attack Boost] increases her attack when using Dark attacks, which is everyone of her skills except basic attacks. For survivability, [Dark Assault+] hits all enemies and has a chance to inflict Haze, which blinds the enemies lowering their accuracy. [Chaos Edge+] will also give Melissa an Agility buff which once again raises her damage. She can also apply a Defense Down debuff with her super which is great during boss fights. Overall she is literally a G.O.A.T in the game.

I would also suggest you summon for the Summer Event Limited Melissa [Elegance] as well if you are aiming for Melissa [Treasure Hunter]. The reason you want to do this is that although Melissa [Elegance] is not that useful of a character, she is still a 4-star unit. Equipping her as a Sub Party Member for Melissa [Treasure Hunter] will give additional stat boosts that will make the overall stats much higher than equipping a 3-star or 2-star. Since the global version is still quite new, it may take a while for other characters to get another 4-star version.

Megumin [Explosive]


Megumin is quite literally a one-shot wonder. Her skills deal fire damage and she comes with a single-target and an AoE skill. Her Super is one of the biggest AoE nukes in the game but it comes at the cost of instantly decommissioning her from combat. If you’re using full auto, be sure to set Super to Last Wave Only.

Iris [Royal Holiday]


One of the highest base attacks in the game right now. She is great for physical damage teams because of her physical attack buff. On her own she can pull her own weight, but together with other physical damage dealers, her skills truly shine.

Chris [High-Flying Thief]


Though she might not have the highest attack, Chris has a lot of useful debuffs that can really help your team in sticky situations. What makes her shine is her ability to paralyze enemies. This gives your team a much bigger safety margin when taking on more challenging content of the game.

4-Star Tier List


Melissa [Treasure Hunter]



Megumin [Explosive]


Iris [Royal Holiday]


Chris [High-Flying Thief]


Cielo [Dancing Adventurer]


Cielo is one of the best supports in the game and will remain on of the best in the game for a long time. The reason why she isn’t on the re-roll recommendation list is because early on in the game, healers and support characters aren’t that important. In terms having an easy start, having a character with high damage is much better than having a unit that can sustain your team in a fight.


Erika [Dancing Adventurer]


A great physical DPS. Works exceptionally well with Iris [Royal holiday], so if your target is Iris [Royal Holiday], Erika [Dancing Adventurer] is a great character to put in your team for maximum damage output.

Wiz [Ice Witch]


A great magic DPS with equally significant self-sustain capabilities. In comparison to Megumin [Explosive], she doesn’t do as much damage, but she won’t die right after her Super. Note that if you have a healer on your team, Wiz will take damage each time she is healed through conventional means.

Yunyun [Megumin’s Friend]


A solid magic DPS with a skill that buffs your team’s magic damage. Alone, she won’t be as good as Megumin [Explosive] or Wiz [Ice Witch], but she is a great character to include in your magic DPS team.

Arue [Best Bod]


Instead of boosting your team’s Magic Damage like Yunyun [Megumin’s Friend], Arue [Best Bod] gives your team a Magic Defense buff. Whilst still useful in its own way, the game is still more damage orientated, so having a damage buff will in most cases outshine having a defense buff.



Rin [Certified Wizard]


A decent unit to have in your magic DPS team thanks to her magic defense debuff but when you compare her with the magic units in the higher tier, she just doesn’t seem as impressive.

Aqua [Nature’s Beauty]


Her skill set is all over the place. Her Super is a great damaging spell that deals light damage. She has a heal and a single-target spell. Her passive trait boosts healing effects. She’s not exactly a great healer nor is she a great DPS. There are better characters.

Amy [Soother of Spirits]


If you want a focused healer then Amy [Soother of Spirits] is a decent one to have. She’s not as impressive as Cielo [Dancing Adventurer], but she will do a better job at keeping your team alive than Aqua [Nature’s Beauty] since her skill set focuses more on healing.

Dust [Delinquent Adventurer]


A decent character with a mix of damage and a physical defense buff that makes him a useful character to have in your DPS team. On his own, he isn’t a bad DPS since his passive Trait gives his skills a slight damage boost. Unfortunately, his Super is a physical damage skill, so it doesn’t benefit from his Trait.

Mitsurugi [The Chosen One]


A basic tank character with defense buffs and minor heals that can slightly increase your team’s sustainability. Stat-wise, he makes a good tank and he can still do some damage but Tanks just aren’t that useful in this game, so you are better off with a damage focused character.

Lia [Dancer Adventurer]


A mix between a tank and a DPS. Her Super is an incredibly useful buff that raises both physical and magic defense. But again, You are better off going full damage. Her AoE skill does have a chance to provoke enemies, so she still has her place in your team if you feel that your DPS characters are too squishy.

Rin [Sun-soaked]


Similar to Rin [Certified Wizard], the [Sun-soaked] version is a great support that will really boost your magic team. But unlike the [Certified Wizard], she doesn’t do as much damage on her own. Get her for the illustration though if you have spare gems you’re willing to throw away, she can be used as a sub party member for [Certified Wizard] for the same character bonus.

Mia [Mischievous Beastmen]


A tank with earth physical damage. Not to say she’s bad as a character, it’s just compared to Mitsurugi [The Chosen One], she’s not as versatile. Her support buff is better than Mitsurugi [The Chosen One] but she doesn’t have a heal and for damage there are better characters.

Melissa [Elegance]


By no means is [Elegance] a bad unit but the difference in significance in battle and overall skill set between [Elegance] and [Treasure Hunter] is just too big to even consider putting [Elegance] as the main character when you have [Treasure Hunter]. As mentioned, she is still good as a sub party member for [Treasure Hunter] due to her 4-star stats and same character support bonus.

C – Not really worth mentioning

Kazuma [Shut-In No More], Cecily [Big Sister], Darkness [Total Ecstasy], Darkness [True Knight]


Reach Rank 10

Your first priority is to reach Rank 10 ASAP. You want to get to Rank 10 as soon as you can because that is the rank where all the features in the game will be unlocked. The easiest way to do this is to just progress through the Main Quest. Each stage in the Main Quest will reward you with 50 Quartz so as you gain Rank, you will also gather more Quartz for future summons.

When you first reach the point where your team can’t clear the content required for the next upgrade materials, start upgrading your sub party members to give your main character a bigger stat boost.



Once you unlock the smithy, you want to at least craft the basic weapons for your main characters. Each of the beginner weapons individually doesn’t cost too much to craft and you can easily get what you need by running through stages. I would recommend fully upgrading as well since they can easily help you boost your teams damage for the early stages as well as boost your Arena scores until you have the materials required for better gear.

Daily Requirements

As a F2P player, every free Quartz count, so be sure to clear the daily missions every day. Just by following the Daily Missions, you will be going through each content of the game at least once a day.

Don’t be afraid to use your Skip Tickets as they are quite easily obtainable. The game also rewards players with an abundance of Stamina each day, once you’re far enough in the main quests, be sure to go back and farm the materials you require to promote the main characters in your team.

Jobs are an easy way to gain additional materials to promote your characters. Whilst you will be farming for materials for your main characters, Jobs can give you rewards over time as long as you have someone assigned. You can use these materials to level up your sub party members to squeeze that extra bit of Power out.

Have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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