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BanG Dream! GBP 4.5 Anniversary Brings Back Ayase, hololive, and More!

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Craft Egg and Bushiroad’s mobile rhythm game, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party has revealed exciting events that players can look forward to in the 4.5 Anniversary celebrations in the “ガルパ Station 4.5週年SP” live-stream which was broadcasted yesterday (19th Sept).

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Persona Collab Returns

In 2018 BanG Dream! GBD collaborated with the persona series to bring outfits inspired by the iconic persona series as well as bring songs from the series to the game. During the special live-stream, BanG Dream! announced that the persona collab song “Life Will Change” will also get a SPECIAL difficulty level for players play. The Persona collaboration will return on 23rd September.

4.5 Anniversary Exchange 2

Starting from 30th September, players will have access to the second 4.5 Anniversary Exchange Event. Like previous exchange events, players will collect points as they perform songs and exchange various items in the exchange store.

New Bandori Event

Starting 30th September 15:00 JST, players will be able to participate in an all-new event that brings an all-new experience to the game. Players will create 3 bands (15 Members total) and perform three songs in a row.

New Settings Options

The 4.5 Anniversary event will also introduce new setting options for players to tune their game with more precision, to make the BanG Dream! GBD experience more personalized. THe new options include a 12.0 speed setting for the Rhythm Icons, 30% and 40% brightness settings for MVs, and 30% and 40% options for Lite Mode.

EXTRA Tracks

During the live-stream, the Hello, Happy World x Machico track “TOMORROW” was revealed to be available starting 30th September 15:00 JST. A new extra track featuring Afterglow and FLOW was also revealed but information for the track is set to be revealed at a later date.

Story Updates

The two newer bands of the game, Morfonica and RAISE A SUILEN will be receive their second chapters in their band stories. New MVs for the bands are also currently in production.

hololive Collaboration

In October, BanG Dream! GBD will be collaborating with hololive! The collaboration will feature Tokina Sora x Poppin’ Party, Minato Aqua x Pastel Palettes, and Shirakami Fubuki x Hello Happy World!. The collaboration will have three songs. More information on the collaboration is set to be revealed on 14th October.

Producer Collaboration

Ayase returns to BanG Dream! GBD. In the new collaboration, Ayase will be creating a new original song for Poppin’ Party. The new song will also feature a special animated MV in the style of YOASOBI’s MVs.

Full Live-Stream

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