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Dragalia Lost 3rd Anniversary Events Starts on September 26! Special Site & Event Details Revealed!

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Cygames and Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost mobile game will celebrate its third anniversary on September 26. The game has opened a special site sharing some of the events and new features coming to the game as part of the 3rd Anniversary update.

3rd Anniversary Events

■ Free Daily Summon
A daily free tenfold summon event, which allows you to perform a tenfold summon for free once per day, starts from September 26, 11:oo [PT]. It lasts for 38 days, meaning you can summon up to 380 times!

■ Free 100 Times Summon
A free hundredfold summon event is also available on November 3, 11:oo [PT]. for you to perform one hundred summons for free.

■ Dragalia Scratch-A-Thon
A Dragalia Scratch-A-Thon will start on September 26 at 14:00 [PT]. During this event, log in for a chance to win items and wyrmite. If you manage to win a Scratch-A-Thon Summon, head on over to the summon screen to summon a 5★dragon. Also, if you haven’t won a Scratch-A-Thon Summon by the time the final day rolls around, you will get one guaranteed!

■ Platinum Showcase
A Platinum Showcase is on the way from September 26 to October 17! A 5★ Gala Dragalia adventurer is guaranteed to appear in the tenfold summon.

The Platinum Showcase will also be available during the daily free tenfold summon event, in which you have the chance to get Gala adventurers and dragons from past showcases!

■ Gala Dragalia
New adventurer Gala Zethia and the dragon Gala Bahamut will make their debut in the Gala Dragalia starting from September 29 to October 4.

■ 3rd Anniversary Login Bonus
From September 27, the 3rd Anniversary Login Bonus Campaign will give away loads of in-game rewards. The full reward list is as below;

New Raid Event, Faith Forsaken (Part One)

A new raid event,The Faith Forsaken (Part One), will begin on September 30 at 14:00 [PT]. During this event, you can use co-op play to fight against a light-attuned raid boss. The event also features a theme song “Light a Fire” by Honoka Watanabe.

As you progress through the story, 5★ adventurer Harle will join your team. In Part Two, you will have to fight a raid boss with up to 15 other players!

Upcoming New Allies

Dragalia Lost also reveals the visuals of the upcoming new allies, which will arrive in the game in future updates.

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