Pokémon Café Mix Major Update Pokémon Café REMix Launches on October 28


The Pokémon Café Mix puzzle game, now renamed as Pokémon Café REMix officially launches its major update to both Nintendo Switch and mobile today on October 28.


The update will add new elements to the puzzles that will allow for new strategies. Players will also be able to recruit new Pokémon to their cafes, dress them up in new ways, and more. New ways to grow and develop the Pokémon staff will also be available.

New Pokémon Café REMix Modes

■ Pokémon Visiting Mode
Prepare drinks and dishes by completing puzzles for customer Pokémon that come visit the café. As the café owner, you can select which visiting Pokémon you want to take an order from. You may also use golden acorns to bring in different customer Pokémon.

■ Past Orders Mode
Pokémon Visiting Mode (main orders) can be played again after completion. For instance, if you clear an order with one star, you can try again and aim for three stars. When retrying a past order, the difference in earned stars will be added to the friendship level of the customer Pokémon you served during your re-challenge.

■ Menu Development mode
Once your staff Pokémon and their levels meet certain conditions, you will be able to develop new menu items. In Menu Development, you complete a puzzle by assigning the Pokémon that has met the criteria for the new menu item as the leader.

■ Training mode
Train to level up individual staff Pokémon. As you raise your staff members’ levels, they will be able to tackle puzzles with an advantage and develop new menu items.2110280404096

New Pokémon Café REMix Puzzle Elements

■ PokémonGimmicks
Every Pokémon has specialty gimmicks that can be activated to aid in completing puzzles. Specialty gimmicks include the ability to clear certain gimmicks that appear in a puzzle in one shot. As your Pokémon’s level increases, they will learn more specialty gimmicks and be able to clear more gimmicks.

■ New Outfits
As you level your staff Pokémon up, you can get outfits in different colors.

You can also get different outfits during events or by purchasing a premium pass or the Pokémon Outfit Pack, allowing you to dress your favorite Pokémon like never before.



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