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ProjectMoon’s Limbus Company “Guilt Resonance Cruel RPG” Coming to Android in Winter 2022

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Korean indie game studio ProjectMoon has revealed the first trailer for its upcoming Limbus Company RPG, which is set to release for Android in Winter 2022.

The trailer features the game’s theme song performed by Japanese indie music group Mili’s vocalist Cassie Wei and MYTH & ROID’s vocalist KIHOW. A special video interviewing the two vocalists is also revealed.

Limbus Company is said to be a“Guilt Resonance Cruel RPG”, which is set in a massive city divided into 26 Districts, each unique in its technological advancements and culture. The player plays as the manager of the prisoners, who have to lead the sinners to collect the Golden Bough hidden in every corner across the city.

During the journey, different dungeons await at the end destination of each of the missions. You have to command the prisoners to battle against the wandering Abnormalities with different strategies in the turn-based and real-time brawl battle system. You can also improve the prisoner’s ability by equipping “E.G.O”, a special gear created from the ego of the prisoners.

Known for their work Lobotomy Corporation and Library Of Ruina, ProjectMoon first revealed the Limbus Company project in June. Players can definitely look for an English release as an English site now goes live.

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