FFVII The First Soldier Guide: How to Choose Fighting Style?


It was only a week since FFVII The First Soldier dropped onto mobile devices, but it already topped one million downloads worldwide! In this battle royale game, players become a candidate of Shinra soldiers and have to fight your way against other candidates, as well as FFVII signature monsters.

FFVII The First Soldier Guide: How to Choose Fighting Style?

As you may know, there are no jobs or class in the world of FFVII, but in FFVII The First Soldier, you can choose one among five fighting styles; Warrior, Sorcerer, Ranger, Ninja, Monk, before you land on the battlefield of Midgar. In this guide, we will go over the pros and cons of these five Styles, their abilities, as well as some tips to help you get started!



Basic Skills & Abilities
■ Fearless Charge (Trait): Increased melee attack distance and barrier creation when attacking enemies or using Rush ability.
■ Siphon Slash (Skill): Melee attacks will absorb a fixed amount of the damage as health.
Warrior Spirit (Skill): Increases barrier strength of other abilities.
Countershield (Skill): When attacked, produces a shield in the target direction.
Rush (Ability): Dash quickly in a target direction.
Punisher (Ability): Increase attack damage, movement speed, and range of melee attacks for a brief period

As you can see, Warrior excels at close-quarters melee combat, with hard-hitting attacks and dashes to close the gap.

 Pros  Cons
■ Able to sustain in long fights by stealing life and creating shields

■ The tankiest out of all the fighting styles

■ High mobility

■ Ability to slow enemies’ speed with melee attacks

■ Lower attack range compared to some of the other fighting styles

■ Slower than other styles

■ Unable to detect enemies



Basic Skills & Abilities
■ Magic Boost (Trait): Increase MP by 1 and augment elemental materia (Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder).
■ Concentration (Skill): Increase MP recovery speed.
■ Etheric Drain (Skill): Recover health or MP by a fixed amount when using elemental materia to kill an enemy.
■ Magic Detector (Skill): Enemy materia used in close proximity will be indicated on your mini-map.
■ Arcane Field (Ability): Creates an AOE that increases MP and cooldown recovery speed.
■ Trance (Ability): Reduces MP cost, increases materia by a level, and increases movement speed briefly.

Sorcerers rely on magic and incantations to deal damage from range. In team play, they are also good supporters to buff damage and replenish MP.

Pros Cons
Able to find nearby opponents when they use materia

■ Long & wide-range magic attack

High damage spells that can fire off rapidly

■ Low defensive ability (effectively glass cannons)

■ Reliant on AOE fields, lack of mobility

■ Need to manage MP well to effectively utilize abilities



Ammunitions Expert (Trait): Increases inventory for ammo and the amount of ammo you find. Reload time is decreased by 20%.
■ Sniper Eye (Skill): Enemies appear more clearly in weapon sights.
■ Silencer (Skill): Reduces firing sound.
■ Acute Sense (Skill): If you are caught in an enemy’s scope, they will be temporarily blinded by light to help you escape.
■ Assess (Ability): Marks candidates, blizzard/gravity effects on your map.
■ Control (Ability): Manipulate a slug-ray (UAV) to scout the area.

Rangers are the snipers in FFVII The First Soldier and are capable of picking off long-distance enemies without revealing their location.

Pros Cons
■ Master of the map

■ Able to spot nearby enemies

obscure others from seeing them

■ Able to attack from the longest range

■ Especially useful in team match

Fragile at close-range attack

■ Susceptible to flanks

■  No skills to increase damage



Inner Strength (Trait): Automatically recovers damage after dropping drop 20% or less health. Also increases critical damage by 100% once.
Revitalize (Skill): Increases health recovery.
■ Chakra Unleashed (Skill): After suffering heavy burst damage, recover some health.
■ Awakened Strength (Skill): Increases health recovery from Inner Strength.
■ Manawall (Ability): Creates a barrier to reduce incoming damage.
■  Chakra Field (Ability): Creates a field that removes poison and restores health to those inside.

Monk can unleash massive damage and their skills remain a threat even when dropped to low health. Their lack of range is made up for their unwavering perseverance.

Pros Cons
■ Can survive heavy burst damage

Increased strength at low HP

■ Huge damage output

■ High risk, high return

■ Need to manage HP well

■ Short attack range relying only on fists 



Acrobat (Trait): Allows you to jump again midjump or after falling from parkour.
Retreat (Skill): Increases your movement speed for a short amount of time when you receive damage.
Lightfoot (Skill): Reduces the sound of your footsteps.
Escapist (Skill): Increases movement speed from inside the hazard zone.
Hide (Ability): Make you invisible for a short time (cannot perform certain actions in this stance).
Blade Shift (Ability): Instantly move to where you throw a knife.

Ninjas lurk in the shadows and have the ability to take out unsuspecting enemies before escaping back into darkness.

 Pros  Cons
■  Master of stealth combat

■  Tricky to pin down 

■  Highest mobility, Moves fast, escape fast 

■ Less durable than other 

■ Reliant on “sneak attacks” 

No barriers/HP recovery to protect himself

Combat Tips

As you can see, most of the styles offer unique playstyles and their viability is not that important. Most styles are balanced and preference should be given to the enjoyment you find either playing from range or close-quarters. That being said, here are some general tips to help you survive on the battlefield!

■  Auto-aim is your best friend
The First Soldier allows auto-firing of weapons just by hovering your crosshairs on an enemy. This is vital when playing on a smartphone device as opposed to emulating the game and using a controller. 


Chopper Time Limit
When playing solo, you have unlimited time to board the typical battle royale aircraft and drop into a certain location. However, when playing with a squad you will only have 1 minute to prepare. Be sure to get everything you need during this time. 


■  Find Better Weapon
Upgraded weapons can be found from; Buildings, Player Loots, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops.

■ Increase Skill Mastery
This can be increased by simply using each style in combat. However, you can speed up the process by getting kills, completing challenges, and winning your matches.


Which Fighting Style Will You Choose?

That’s all the information we have on the Fighting Styles of FFVII The First Soldier. However, as you play through the game, be sure to come back and let others know how to emerge victoriously on the battlefield.


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