Garage: Complete Edition for Mobile Reveals New Trailer & 2021 Release


Japanese artist Tomomi Sakuba announced on his official twitter that the Garage: Complete Edition for Mobile adventure game will release for iOS and Android later this year. A new trailer is also revealed for the announcement.


According to the game’s page at the crowdfunding site Campfire, the game’s iOS version will have no restrictions, sharing the same content as the Android version. However, the iOS version will be released on 17+, and the android version will be released on 18+.

Garage: Complete Edition for Mobile PV

About Garage: Complete Edition for Mobile

Developed by Kinotrope and published by Toshiba-EMI, Garage: Bad Dream Adventure is a surreal and nightmarish point-and-click adventure set in a world full of biomechanical machines. The player takes control of a small robot who is tasked with finding an entity called the “shadow” and escaping the world in which they live. Toshiba-EMI first released the game for PC in 1999 with designs by Japanese surrealist Tomomi Sakuba.





The game started a crowdfunding campaign in 2020 and had raised approximately 23 million yen against the target amount of 3 million yen.

Garage: Complete Version for Mobile will feature twice as many scenarios as the original game, with alternative endings and subquests. The game balance, graphics, and UI will be improved. New original songs will also be available.

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