Yggdra Resonance Bishōjo Mobile RPG Begins CBT on January 12


Nuverse is conducting its first closed beta test for the newly announced Yggdra Resonance mobile RPG from January 12 to 29. Interested players can now registered the test via the special site.

Up to 4000 iOS and Android players can join this CBT. The recruitment period is from January 5 to January 11 [JST]. Furthermore, there will be several Twitter campaigns to commemorate the announcement.

About Yggdra Resonance

Yggdra Resonance is an RPG that adopts a synchronisation system to draw upon the time and weather of our real world to the fantasy continent of Midgard. Players will follow the growth story of a group of girls with super power and the mysterious girl, Norne, who embark on an exciting adventure synchronising with real time.

Yggdra Resonance Mobile RPG Starts Closed Beta Test on January 12

Character & Cast

Erica – CV: Sumire Morohoshi

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Sonia – CV: Marina Inoue


Maruru – CV: Aoi Koga


Yuna – CV: Saori Ōnishi


Amelia – CV: Kanon Amane


■ Shirley – CV:  Yuzuki Konno


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