Tokyo Revengers Exhibition Opens From Jan 29 to Feb 14 in Tokyo; Special Illustration Revealed!


An art exhibition of the popular Tokyo Revengers manga series will be held from January 29 to February 14, 2022 in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Tokyo and from March 19, 2022 to March 27, 2022 in ATC Gallery, Osaka. Titled TOKYO卍REVENGERS EXIHIBITION, it also revealed a special illustration created by the manga’s author Ken Wakui.

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The exhibition will not only feature the manga’s manuscript and various exhibits, a slew of newly created merchandise will also be available, including clear files, illuminated stands, plushies, memo storing boxes, and more, all styled with Tokyo Revengers characters.

A previously revealed teaser visual

Tickets can be bought either on day or on the official website. Buying it from the website will earn you a 200 yen discount. There are two tiers available: The general admission ticket, and the special admission ticket. The former costs JPY$2000, and the latter costs JPY$4500(that’s without the discount applied).

Special Merchandise Available!

Some of the merchandise you can purchase at the exhibition includes the following:

Acrylic Stand
Comes in 10 different characters, each sporting the render from the exhibition’s poster pictured above.


Nui Plushie Mascot
22 characters make their appearances as cute nuis. Each of them cost JPY$1320.

Illuminated Stands
2 types of illuminated stands, sporting TOKYO REVENGERS’ art. Each cost JPY$4180.

■ B2 Tapestry
A tapestry sized as much as a sheet of B2 paper. There are 10 kinds to choose from, and each cost 3850 JPY.

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Metal Badges
Metal badges with the TOKYO REVENGER characters. There are 10 kinds to choose from, and each cost JPY$715.

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Book Memo Box
A box where you can store your memos. There are 4 kinds to choose from, and each cost JPY$880.


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