KanColle Anime Season 2 Finally Announced for This Fall


C2 Kikan confirmed on its Twitter account this Tuesday that the second season of the KanColle anime will air in fall 2022. The announcement first came during the “Chinjufu New Year Special Live! 2022”, an event that ran on Monday and Tuesday.

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Up until now, the only known news was when publisher Kadokawa reported in its financial results report in November 2019 that the “second season” of the KanColle television anime was “in production”. Kadokawa then told C2 Kikan in January of 2021 that the second season would air in 2022. And now, it’s finally here, with a fall release window!

Fans have been waiting for a second season for so long, that the official Twitter was flooded with positive comments, such as: “I’m looking forward to it!” and “Thank you so much to the management of this ship and everyone involved!”

About KanColle

Kantai Collection, or KanColle for short is a web browser game developed by DMM Games in 2015. The central theme of the game is the representation of World War II warships personified as teenage girls and young adult women with personality characteristics reflecting the history of each ship. Originally, all of these were Japanese, but ships from other nations have also been added as the game has developed. Gameplay involves all aspects of naval warfare, including not only combat but also maintenance, repair, upgrading, resupply, morale, logistics and mission planning.


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