2017 April Week #4 A Week Filled With Highly Anticipated Titles

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Another Eden Jikuu wo Koeru Neko
アナザーエデン 時空を超える猫

Japanese Gamer’s Reaction:
"Though it was going to be bad because its a single-player game, once I started I couldn’t stop. Sorry."
"Super fun! This is what an RPG should be like"
"Didn’t pay at all and still got to act 25. Doesn’t seem like beating the game will be a problem. Awesome!"
"Won’t be able to play anymore if the game service ends. Seems like such a waste making it a mobile game"

Featuring a story written by Masato Kato (加藤正人) and music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (光田康典), Another Eden is truly a masterpiece. With an old-school map search feature, Another Eden is a traditional RPG with fine details, a must try for JRPG fans.

Although the game is a single-player JRPG, it still features a character Gacha system. For your first draw, having a five star is always welcomed, but nearing end game, having a good healer is essential. When brute strength no longer works, just grind your enemies away slowly! If you’re lacking in four-star characters, the game rewards players with a minimum of 30 gems for free (Japanese VPN Required), players can also earn gems from missions, so worry not!

Black Rose Suspects

Japanese Gamer’s Reaction:
"Playing just for the story, but the character development is so tiring."
"Thought this game was going to be plain awful, but after after a while of playing and summoning, it wasn’t that bad!"
"You do the same thing day after day, bored of it already"

A legitimate title that spared no budget in production. A grand collection of renowned voice actors, animated transitions, intensive character designs, and a spectacular story created by legendary game designer Rika Suzuki (鈴木理香). The game heavily emphasizes on its intricate story. However, the system itself isn’t all that impressive. With a gameplay similar to Seven Knights, the game system is hardly what you’ll call innovative.

Ignoring the importance in getting a strong character, the biggest worry is how balanced will the game stay. Despite that, the story itself is a good reason to play the game.

Off topic, the monster designs in the game are quite unique, especially the cockroach pig!


Japanese Gamer’s Reaction:
"The game isn’t that bad, but the sales are terrible, everyone cash up!"
"Does this count as MOBA? It doesn’t really feel like one."
"I don’t think they quite understand their target audience, don’t think they’ll last long if they keep this up"

MOBA games have taken over a huge portion of the gaming market. But how far-reached is the MOBA trend exactly? Well, it’s far enough for Square Enix to develop their very own!

FLAMExBLAZE is Square Enix’s 3vs3 MOBA for smartphones. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to be doing well. A week after launch, the game has already dropped below 1000 on the sales chart.
The amount of money you need to spend isn’t high, but the game’s service isn’t exactly a walk in the park, which has caused a slight confusion to their target players.

For an MOBA game, FLAME x BLAZE is quite casual,but not exactly to the level where it’s good for everyone. Stuck in an awkward position between casual and hardcore, the game hasn’t left a great impression to players.

Augmented Reality Girls Trinary


Japanese Gamer’s Reaction:
"The combat is terrible in this game! Oh well, it’s not even the main point of the game"
"So far so good, I’m just scared they’re going to make it all about Limit Break later on"
" Kinda worried that they’ll need events to amp up their story later, the combat is just boring"

The main feature of Augmented Reality Girls Trinary is interacting with the different girls featured in the game. All the other features, like the combat, is just icing on a cake, it’s just there as additional features.

Most of the player’s attention will be spent talking to the various girls of the game. The sense interaction is remarkably made, but players without sufficient Japanese understand won’t be able to fully appreciate the game’s essence.

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