Shota & ShotaconShota & ShotaconShota & Shotacon Quite a while ago, we talked about Loli and Lolicon. So this time, we'll talk about Shota and Shotacon. Whilst Loli and Lolita revolve around young prepubescent girls, Shota 0

Loli & LoliconLoli & LoliconLoli or Lolicon? find out the differences and what they mean here!0

NTRNTRLove it or hate it, it's still popular regardless...0

Josei vs. ShojoJosei vs. ShojoJosei Manga vs Shojo Manga ▍Josei - 女性 The word Josei doesn't really have any relations with manga, it simply means Women. Josei Manga are manga aimed at women. Josei Manga tends to deal with more0

FlagsFlagsI'm going to treat myself right after I finish this QooPedia...!0

All About GachaAll About GachaGacha, money is power!0

IsekaiIsekaiIsekai? Alternate World? Reincarnation? Huh?!0

Novels vs Light NovelsNovels vs Light NovelsNovel or Light Novel? They're both fictional works so what are the differences?0

The Rise of Tentacle HentaiThe Rise of Tentacle HentaiFollowing hentai, we look at one of the most famous Japanese hentai subcategory. Tentacles~0

HentaiHentaiHentai... yes, this time QooPedia explores just what exactly Hentai is.0

FanserviceFanserviceFanservice, whether you know it or not, a majority of the anime series now have them. So what is a fanservice?0

EcchiEcchiEcchi - エッチ Ecchi (エッチ), this is a word that you'll most definitely come across if you're an anime/manga advocate. So this time, QooPedia explores the word Ecchi for all of you who has an idea of0


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