Cosplay Cosplay Qoopedia talks Cosplay! 0

Shota & Shotacon Shota & Shotacon Shota & Shotacon Quite a while ago, we talked about Loli and Lolicon. So this time, we'll talk about Shota and Shotacon. Whilst Loli and Lolita revolve around young prepubescent girls, Shota 0

Loli & Lolicon Loli & Lolicon Loli or Lolicon? find out the differences and what they mean here! 0

NTR NTR Love it or hate it, it's still popular regardless... 0

Josei vs. Shojo Josei vs. Shojo Josei Manga vs Shojo Manga ▍Josei - 女性 The word Josei doesn't really have any relations with manga, it simply means Women. Josei Manga are manga aimed at women. Josei Manga tends to deal with more 0

Flags Flags I'm going to treat myself right after I finish this QooPedia...! 0

All About Gacha All About Gacha Gacha, money is power! 0

Isekai Isekai Isekai? Alternate World? Reincarnation? Huh?! 0

Novels vs Light Novels Novels vs Light Novels Novel or Light Novel? They're both fictional works so what are the differences? 0

The Rise of Tentacle Hentai The Rise of Tentacle Hentai Following hentai, we look at one of the most famous Japanese hentai subcategory. Tentacles~ 0

Hentai Hentai Hentai... yes, this time QooPedia explores just what exactly Hentai is. 0

Fanservice Fanservice Fanservice, whether you know it or not, a majority of the anime series now have them. So what is a fanservice? 0


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