Cannot download/install/update SuperStar SMTOWN? Read this!

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SuperStar SMTOWN undoubtedly becomes the hottest South Korean mobile game in QooApp.

Emails asking all kinds of questions from SMTown’s fans flock in, mostly  in English. So Mr.Qoo decided to write English FAQ for this game, hope this article would help you.

<SuperStar SMTOWN>  FAQ (English Version)


iOS and Android version

Q1: Where can I download iOS version?

A:   iOS version            How to register Korean itunes account?

“Like” QooApp’s FB fanpage and we will keep you updated:

Download Problem

Q2: I am using the Blue QooApp and the download was constantly interrupted?

A: You may try the Red QooApp (Multi languages) to solve the problem. Red Version download here

Q3: Download stops halfway.

A: Try to close QooApp and restart.


Q4: Download doesn’t start or exceed 100% 

A: Click ”cancel” and restart downloading

Installation Problem

Q5: I click “install” but it doesn’t work 

A: You may have installed apps like “Blue Ray Filter”. Close it and retry.


Q6: I failed to install , the message shows “Parse error”

 A: You may check:

1)The game requires Android system version  4.1 or above. If your phone  is not, then cannot play

2)Click “Delete” button in QooApp (English version), to delete the APK file;  and download the game again.

3)If Step 2 doesn’t work, go to the file manager in your phone and delete the old APK files. 

go to [profile]-[my games], press the FOLDER icon on the right, clear old APK.  Then download the game again.


Q7:  After installing,  system shows “Application not installed” message

A: You may check:

1)If storage space available in your phone is larger than APK size x 2.  If not, you should remove some apps to make room. Then delete the  APK file and re-download.

2)If Step1 fails, Go to Setting->Applications->All->GooglePlay, Click “ Clear Data”  and re-install APK.

3)If it is a rooted phone, you can use ES Files Manager or other file manager app (download link

Search smdl2tmpl.asec in the file of android_secure/ and delete it. Then re-install APK.

Q8: I am using Mi phone and can’t download

A: Phones lacking Google Service Framework can’t install this game. Please download one.  (Google “Google Service Framework APK” )

In The Game

Q9: White Screen

A:  It happens coz your phone lacks Google Service Framework. Please download one.


Q10: Stuck on loading page and can’t enter the game

A: Mr.Qoo has no idea at that moment. Please share with me if you know how to solve.

Update The Game 

Q11: If is asking for update.

A: Go back to QooApp, you can see this game in “My Games”, Click “Update” button. IMPORTANT: do not uninstall game before update, or else game save will be lost! 

Note: QooApp is not the developer of the game, only providing download.  So if you have more questions like finding a bug or losing account,  please contact the game developer directly :  


Forgot Password

Q12: If you forgot your password

A: Go to official site, fill in your email address:


Some known issues from game developer:

※ Bugs & Known Issues ※ – Lags may appear if automatic download is enabled. If you experience this problem please make sure that automatic download is disabled. – If your device is plugged in to charger touch sensitivity of your device may be decreased. If you experience this problem please make sure to unplug the charger from your device. – Lags may appear if power saving mode is enabled. If you experience this problem please make sure that power saving mode is disabled. – If you experience a problem with judgment timing adjust your judgment timing in “MY INFO – CHECK TIMING” menu. – We apologize for the inconvenience. We will make sure that the problems are fixed as soon as possible. ※ Visual Setting If you experience lags in the game make sure to change your visual setting to low resolution. ※ Leagues and item price may change during the showcase period. ※ To run SUPERSTAR SMTOWN, Android version should be at least 4.1 or later.

Downlaod Latest APK

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