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Q0: What is QooApp

A:  QooApp is one of the most popular Android games market across the globe. With no help of VPN, You can easily download the hottest region-locked games free of charge. QooApp makes it easy for gamer to download games from various regions.

Click to download: https://api.qoo-app.com/v1/apps/download?id=com.qooapp.jpapps



Q 1Is it safe downloading games through QooApp?
A:QooApp is 100% trustworthy. It is definitely safe to download games here.


Q 2Download fails?

A:First of all, change to a strong and stable internet connection and retry. If still failed, please try the following solutions:

Progressbar not progressing: double-click “ cancel”button and download again. Or you may try to close and restart QooApp

If download still fails, you can go to setting> Apps >All >QooApp, press “clear data”and download again.


Q 3What should I do if it showsDownload failed because you may have not purchased this application

A: For those games, you need to download APK and data file (please install MEGA first). Then Extract data files to obb file(sdcard/android/obb)





Q 4Installs fails, the message shows Parse error

A:  There are several cases and their solutions for your reference.

CASE 1:  Your device Android system version doesn’t meet the requirement. You may updated the system or change device.



CASE 2)   You’ve downloaded an incomplete APK file .Then delete the  APK file and re-download.(APK file only, DON’T UNINSTALLTHE GAME!) Here two ways to delete APK:

a) Click “Delete” at the bottom right corner :



b) If not working, go to the following address to delete:

File address: storage\emulated\SD\QooApp\apk


Q 5After installing, system shows Application not installed

A: There are also several cases and their solutions for your reference.

CASE 1)   Storage space available in your phone should be larger than APK size x 2.  If not, please remove some apps to make room. Then delete the  APK file and re-download.

CASE 2)   If you’ve installed the games before, the old version may conflict with the new one.Go to Setting->Applications->All->GooglePlay, Click “ Clear Data”  and re-install APK.

CASE 3) If it is a rooted device, you can use ES Files Manager or other file manager app (download link:http://goo.gl/6pTq4l).Search smdl2tmpl.asec in the file of android_secure/ and delete it. Then re-install APK

Related App download:

【OI File Manager】 http://goo.gl/ytJOCF

【ES FILE Manager】http://goo.gl/6pTq4l
Q 6: I click “install” but it doesn’t work ?
A:You may have installed apps like “Blue Ray Filter”. Close it and retry.



Q 7I am using Mi phone and can’t download

A: Some games can’t be installed in devices lacking Google Service Framework,especially Mi phones. Please download one.  (Search “Google Service Framework APK” )

In addition, Mi devices are considered as rooted devices for some android games.




Q 8:How to update the games?

A:Go back to QooApp and click the little man “My Game” on the top. You will see all games you’ve installed. Choose the one you want to update.



Q 9:What  if I spot a game in QooApp which is not the latest version?
A:It seldom happens boy XD. But if you do spot one please remind Mr. Qoo through

1)      Emaili.am.qoo.app@gmail.com

2)     FB:https://www.facebook.com/qooapps

3)     Baidu Forum: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=qooapp

Mr.Qoo appreciates your help!


Q 10:What should I do if I get stuck at the beginning ?

A:There are also several cases and their solutions for your reference.

CASE 1)  If it shows “ You may not have purchased this application”, please download the data file in the game detail page.

CASE 2)  Some games block foreign IP address, you may try to open it with VPN.

CASE 3)  Some games will quit unexpectedly at the beginning. You can try to change the language to Japanese or English, or try to change time to Japanese time .


Q 11:Which games my rooted devices will not support?
A:QooApp will tell you in detail page XD!



Q 12: Why some games ask me to provide account of another platform?
A:For Line and Kakao talk games, you need to install Line and Kakao talk app (You can download them directly through QooApp). For games on MOBAGE,SEGA or GREE, please refer to the following register tutorials:


Q 13:Why can’t  I type in my user ID  when playing【Monster Strike】?
A:Please use google input methods or Japanese input.



Q 14What should I do if I want to add new games in QooApp
A:You can request for new games inQoo forum, I will try to add it ASAP.

Before requesting, please read this guide:Things you should know before requesting games!



Q 15Want to show your support to QooApp?

A:You can like our FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/qooapps  or share QooApp to your friends.

Q16I can’t find the answers to my questions.

A:  Email Mr. Qoo: i.am.qoo.app@gmail.com


》》Download『QooApp 』here :easy to play hottest region-locked games around globe!

Thank you for your support! QooApp already achieved millions of installs !For you, we will be the best !


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