Hamsters simulation game lohaco Incubation released!

Mr. Qoo

On September 15th, ASKUL Corporation and online shopping website LOHACO released a hamster simulation game lohaco Incubation (ろはぺっと – ロハコのお買い物と連携する無料育成ゲーム).

This game is an incubating simulation game; players can collect special hamsters, unlock new clothes and plant okra to feed them. The cute hamsters can play baseballs, make up and study. It can be unlocked more actions during the playing progress.


iOS Download: AppStore

ろはぺっと - ロハコのお買い物と連携する育成ゲーム lohaco育成 ろはぺっと - ロハコのお買い物と連携する育成ゲーム ASKUL Corporation. 1.0 詳情