New Tabimatsu game おそ松さんのニートスゴロクぶらり旅 released

Mr. Qoo


Themed as Tabimatsu, the game is a board game about Mr. おそ松’s journey around the country.

After he knew the news that each year had 3.3 billion yen cash discarded in Tokyo, he decided to become a billionaire by picking up money.

In the game, players can decorate their room by picked-up money. You can also collect some popular animated characters.


おそ松さんのニートスゴロクぶらり旅 小松先生的NEET雙六悠哉之旅 おそ松さんのニートスゴロクぶらり旅 avex pictures Inc. 4.8 詳情