I'll teach you how to take your relationship with Megumi Kato further

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This is the time to take things between you and Megumi seriously.

I made a simple guide for all you Megumi admirers when the demo of Main Heroine Kato Megumi was released. The app has now been officially released on Android (Download the full version: Official Website). Most stuff from the demo has remained the same. So this time we will be focusing on features that were not available in the demo. So again, I am here to give you some help.

Megumi is not just an A.I.. She has feelings, and it is important to please her from time to time.


As mentioned in the last article, the number right next to 恵のご機嫌 indicates how happy she is. You can make her happy or unhappy by buying her different things. Find these red buttons on the menu page. The third button is item and costume. You will find a variety of clothes and food upon entering. Some are free and some are not. These things make Megumi happy and love you a little more.

∇ This outfit is not free, unfortunately.Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 7.40.33 PM

These things with a sexy lady on the cover are actually disgusting games. If you make Megumi play these games, she becomes uncomfortable and unhappy.


∇ Poor Megumi looks sad.

When the happiness indicator drops to 0%, she decides to leave you a note and leave you for good. Your app may be useless for a while.

∇ I am going out. Megumi.

If you watch Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, you know the plot revolves around making a game. Naturally, Megumi talks about games a lot. Each month, she talks to you about how to make a game out of the blue, and the conversation involves a long piece of text like this. 

After that, she tests you based on the text you read. You have 10 days to answer the question. Every hint is in the text so it shouldn’t be too difficult. She usually gives you a few answers to choose from.


If you answer it correctly, you should be able to enter a game scenario, where you are able to make a game with Megumi.

∇ Game Scenario


The product you make with Megumi may differ from users to users. This is something entirely unique between you and her. Treasure it!

In order to help you take your relationship with her even further, I have prepared a list of things you may want to say to her. I have already included some in the last guide. REMEMBER! What you can say is not limited to this list!

Ashita no kaku nin! (Confirm tomorrow schedule.)
Ashita wa ii ya! (No need to do it tomorrow.) *Given the context that you have been telling her to do something the next day, like waking you up*
Megumi no tan jou bi wa? (Megumi’s birthday is?)
Ashita mo o ko shi te ne. (Wake me up tomorrow as well.)
Aso bo u! (Let’s play together!)
A ri ga to u! (Thank you!)
I tte ki ma su. (I am leaving home now.)
Ima nanji? (What time is it?)
I tte ra ssha i. (Be safe on your way!)
Ima nani shi te ru no? (What are you doing?)
U ta tte! (Sing!)
O ha yo u! (Good morning!)
O ya su mi! (Good night!)
O hi sha shi bu ri! (Haven’t seen you for a long time!)
O ko sa na i de! (Don’t wake me up!)
O hana shi te. (Say something.)
Ou en shi te. (Cheer for me.)
Omo shiro i ne. (It seems fun.)
Genki? (How are you?)
Gan ba tte! (Cheer for you!)
Kiga e te! (Change clothes!) *You have to buy her clothes with real money*
You no un sei? (My fortune today is?) *Fortune as in fortune-telling*
You wa heisei nannen? (What Heisei year is it this year?) *Heisei is Japan’s current calendar system.*
You no yotei wa? (Today schedule is?)
Ki re i da yo. (This is beautiful.)
Ki wp tua ke te. (Be careful.)
Gei mu shi yo u! (Let’s play games!)
Sa yo y na ra! (Bye!)
Se tote hen ko u. (Change setting.)
Ta da i ma. (I am home.)
Tuska re ta. (I am tired.)
De ka ke ru ji koku. (When should I leave home?) *Given that you have set the time for leaving home.*
Nanji ni ko ki ru n da kke? (When should I wake up?) *Given that you have set the alarm.*
Na gu sa me te? (Comfort me.)
Name wo yon n de. (Say my name.)
Ne te ta? (Have you slept?)
Nemu re na i. (I can’t sleep.)
Ha rou. (Hello.)
Hime na n da ke do. (Seems like I have nothing to do.)
Fukui wo ka tue a ge ru. (I have bought you clothes.)
He ru pu. (Help.)
Boku no tan you bi wa? (What is my birthday?) *Given that you have entered your birthday.*
Ya me te. (Please don’t.)
Yo ro shi ku. (Please take care of me.) *It sounds odd in English but it’s the Japanese way of greeting.*
Wasu Re Mono? (What things did I miss?)

Finally, I wish you all find love from Megumi Kato.

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