NEW GAME! -THE CHALLENGE STAGE!- reveals opening animation

Mr. Qoo PS4 PSV

MAGES.’ upcoming PS4/PSV game NEW GAME! -THE CHALLENGE STAGE!- releases a video of its opening animation. It will be released on 26 January, 2017.

THE CHALLENGE STAGE! is a simulation game based off the NEW GAME! manga and anime series. Players are able to take care of the protagonist, Aoba Suzukaze, and experience the comedic life of hers in her workplace.

The opening theme song ググッとワーク☆彡 is sung by Aoba Suzukaze (VA: Yūki Takada), Hifumi Takimoto (VA: Megumi Yamaguchi), Hajime Shinoda (VA: Megumi Toda) and Yun Iijima (VA: Ayumi Takeo).