Runescape Legacy Beta Now Live!

Mr. QooAndroidPC

Initially released in 2001, Runescape originally started off as an addictive web browser game which put players in an medieval-esque setting, free to explore, gather, craft and kill. Evolving from 2D to 3D and ultimately separating the new gameplay from the old legacy gameplay, Runcescape has undergone many changes. Just yesterday, Runescape Legacy’s beta a classic Runescape private server went live for PC and Android gamers worldwide to revisit the the many hours they have spent in the past mining for Mithril.

To participate in the beta head here and register for an account and download the apk file for Android, or the Launcher for PC. Before you lose yourself in the nostalgic world of Runcescape, make sure you create you character under your character profile when you login to the Runescape Legacy website (see images below).


The Character name and password you set for your character will be what you use to login in game. Upon logging in to the game you’ll be able to create your character to freely roam the world of Runescape!