Manga To Love-Ru is getting a mobile game

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Japanese developer FURYU has announced a mobile adaption of manga series To Love-Ru(To LOVEる). The game, To Love-Ru -Toraburu- Darkness Gravure Chance(To LOVEる -とらぶる- ダークネス グラビアチャンス), has kicked off the pre-registration since yesterday.

The female characters from the To Love-Ru series are made into 3D figures in the game. Players are able to take pictures of them from different angles. A wide variety of cards can be collected for changing the girls’ costumes and poses, the backdrop and the photography gear.

Pre-registration giveaways
Over 10,000 pre-reg: 10,000 coins
Over 30,000 pre-reg: + 25 gems
Over 50,000 pre-reg: + 50 gems
Over 70,000 pre-reg: + 100 gems
Over 100,000 pre-reg: SSR COS costume