Frontier Work's Browser Game Heroic Songs! Begins Pre-registration

Mr. Qoo

Frontier Work’s web browser game Heroic Songs! (ヒロイックソングス!) has been announced for this February, is now available for pre-registration! Additionally, a mobile version may come out in the future.

Players play the role of a student in a school which specializes in developing idols. Through their in-game characters, players will be able to interact with other players to form their own idol group. Players can also take on the role of Manager, and take idols under their wings and train them. Through their characters, players can experience the joys of RPG life in a virtual world.

Players who pre-register now will receive a special Pre-Registration Character!

▼Idol groups that will appear in game.

ヒロイックソングス! 英雄歌謠 ヒロイックソングス! Frontier Works Inc. 預計配信: 2017年2月 預約