Rayark TpGS 2017 Announcements For Deemo & Sdorica

Mr. Qoo

Yesterday (24th January, 2017) at TpGS 2017, Rayark made announcements for their music rhythm and urban fantasy hybrid game Deemo 3.0 and their upcoming mobile title Sdorica.

Rayark CEO, Ming-Yang Yu, announced that Deemo 3.0 will have new DLC contents that includes:

-New songs

-Additional Extra music scores

-New story elements

-Option to replay previous story

-New environments which shows interactions between the 2 characters

Ming-Yang Yu continued to invite the producer of Sdorica, "Martian" (火星人), to go share more about Sdorica -sunset- including game design and character background. You can read more about Sdorica -sunset- in our previous feature here.