Mobile SNG My Home for Kakao is having a crossover with drama Guardian

Mr. Qoo

Mobile game My Home for Kakao(놀러와마이홈for Kakao)has released a crossover event with Korean drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. The game is developed by Korean developer Kakao.

In this crossover event, 10 gears from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God are made available. Players can decorate their rooms in the Guardian’s style and summon ghosts. Beside this crossover, the game has also added a winter camping theme.

My Home for Kakao is a social network game that requires a Kakaotalk account to log in. Players can dress up their characters and decorate their workshops that can produce goods for sale. Players can also connect to each other in various ways.

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놀러와 마이홈 來我家玩吧 | 韓文版 놀러와 마이홈 Kakao Corp . 4.4 詳情