Mobile RPG Hortensia SAGA releases a new story today

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SEGA’s mobile RPG Hortensia SAGA(オルタンシア・サーガ -蒼の騎士団-)releases a new story and a number of new functions today (6th February). This story, "未来への翼 ", is the third part of the SAGA.

"未来への翼 " tells the tale of the protagonist and Princess Mariel. The protagonist is given a make over for this story.

Following the release of the new part, the game has added a few tasks including Gran Escalier(グラン・エスカリエ)and daily tasks for players to obtain materials for awakening and SSR characters.

All players receive 10 gems/orbs and 10 knight’s memories(騎士の記憶)as pre-registration rewards. To commemorate the new chapter, all players can even get gems/orbs for logging in 5 days in a roll.