EA Chillingo 開發者總監 分享遊戲開發的心得 EA Chillingo 開發者總監 分享遊戲開發的心得 「台北國際數位內容交流會(Digital Taipei)」中,EA Chillingo 的Developer Relations Director(開發者總監)-Levi Buchanan,在他過去多年接觸遊戲和跟不同開發者(包括獨立團隊)交流的經驗中,分享了他對於開發遊戲的觀點,如何才能夠在現時的洪流生存以及佔一席位。 0

原創遊戲巡禮2016《HeroG》推出合作活動! 原創遊戲巡禮2016《HeroG》推出合作活動! 由Narwhal.GT團隊開發的智慧型平台遊戲 《 英雄雞 HeroG 》 之最新內容「呆毛的夢遊魔境」,在多次的延期道歉公告後終於在今天(9月2日)上架販售了!目前iOS審查中於是先開放Android版本的通行證販賣,這次「呆毛的夢遊魔境」一樣採取劇本60元買斷取得全部內容與該內容的陸續更新,製作人依然建議把錢拿來買劇本解鎖不要買加速型的商品喔! Android 0

《We don't U-Turn! 》Developer Interviews 《We don't U-Turn! 》Developer Interviews   點擊這裡閱讀中文內容 Would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of QooApp? I am a programmer, Kan.Kikuchi. I started to making games 5 years ago, there are already 1 million downloads for my games(most of them are ios). I love the EDU type game with a battle system! Why did you decide to enter the world of indie gaming? And why mobile games? I made a game in class when I was a student, I found that it's very interesting. I was using iPhone at that moment, so the games I made are iOS. How would you describe the game? (Advantages, themes) I planned to make a Rogue-like RPG, but I wish to make it simple. Therefore, it finally became an action type battle game. The most challenge thing in this game is you can clear the each stage without taken any damage. Every enemy has their own action style, once you memorize their pattern, you can rush any stage quickly! Can you share some experiences you had while making the game? After the game was released? After the game released, many feedbacks told me that it's really hard to level up the character. So I tried to modify the balance of the game, it's really a nice try, I am glad that many players are satisfied. Android 0

《我們還是不轉彎 》製作人訪談 《我們還是不轉彎 》製作人訪談 《我們還是不轉彎 》製作人訪談 Android 0

原創遊戲巡禮2016第二輪參加作品《我們還是不轉彎 》 原創遊戲巡禮2016第二輪參加作品《我們還是不轉彎 》 日本的獨立遊戲創作者kan.kikuchi主要開發簡單但令人上癮的動作遊戲,《我們還是不轉彎 》正是其代表作,控制可愛的角色在單一戰線上一夫當關,絕不轉彎! Android 0

訪談!「Hero Shark」Developer Interviews 訪談!「Hero Shark」Developer Interviews 鯊魚也有善良的! Android 0

A new comer in IGS!《Hero Shark》Reviews A new comer in IGS!《Hero Shark》Reviews 《Hero Shark》 is a simple game in which you control a shark up and down and dodge various obstacles. It features a simple tap to go up release to go down mechanism you utilize to make your way around the ocean in this infinite side-scrolling arcade game. 0

簡單中帶點挑戰的獨立遊戲《Hero Shark》 簡單中帶點挑戰的獨立遊戲《Hero Shark》 本作是一隻橫向卷軸的動作遊戲,主要都是操作鯊魚回避障礙以及敵人的攻擊。遊戲系統雖然簡單,但本作以簡易的玩法保持了遊戲有一定難度。 Android 0

第二輪原創遊戲作品經已公開!Check out The NEW Games in QooApp Indie Game Show 2016! 第二輪原創遊戲作品經已公開!Check out The NEW Games in QooApp Indie Game Show 2016! QooApp原創遊戲巡禮2016第二輪參加的遊戲作品已經於上架QooApp,Q蛋們可在原創遊戲巡禮主頁的作品一覽遊玩遊戲。往後會公開更多個別作品的訪問和資料!大家一起支持一下原創工業吧! 0

訪談!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」Developer Interviews 訪談!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」Developer Interviews 「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」Developer Interviews Android 0

硬派TD遊戲!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」 硬派TD遊戲!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」 「ディフェンダーズ サーガ」作為塔防遊戲而言,性質比較偏向硬派遊戲。 Android 0

Hardcore TD Game!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」 Hardcore TD Game!「Defenders Saga (ディフェンダーズ サーガ)」 This is a stereotypical defender game but with a more old school theme and characters that seem to be from the last century. You place the characters on the map and they will try to prevent the attackers from reaching and destroying your base by killing them. Besides the characters there are also machines to assist you, making the game a little different from other defender games. Characters and machines are also available for upgrade to be made stronger. In conclusion, if your favourite game style is TD, you must try 「ディフェンダーズ サーガ(Defenders Saga)」. The language for this game is Japanese and only available in Japanese. Solider ステファン Hero, an all round unit, got a skill to knock back the enemy. 弓兵 A range unit which is specific for killing the "Bird" type enemy. 工兵 The only unit can build in the battle. However, they can't attack. バット兵 A melee unit which is specific for killing the "Armor" and "Golem" type enemy. 砲兵 A unit can use AOE attack, but it can't move in the field. Also, it is specific for killing "Slime" and "Armor" type enemy. 戦士 Tank. 忍者 Ninja with high speed and high critical rate, they also can slow the enemy. 銃兵 A range unit which is specific for killing the "Boss type enemy (Dragon & Golem). 女獣人兵 Inbalance unit, good damage, can do AOE attack with slow effect. They are specific for killing the "Boss type enemy. Android 0