Digital Taipei 2016 專業聚焦

【Qoo@DT2016】合眾弱以攻一強。試玩Infini Studio的戰略蚊子遊戲!

有一直留意台中的獨立開發者活動「TIMU」,對Nick Hsu跟他所屬的製作團隊「Infini Studio」中不會陌生,其出道作《The Guys》於14年亦屢獲殊榮。今年在Digital Taipei 2016中,他們帶給大家的是一款3D實時策略遊戲《達蚊吸 Ennnnnn》(暫名),玩家扮演蚊子指揮官,攻撃其他外星生物。

【Qoo@DT2016】Swords of ICE & FIRE Demo

If you both appreciate 2048 and RPG, you should not miss Swords of ICE & FIRE. Created by independent group River Studio, it will release in November. There are four icons “Ice, Fire, Sword, and H […]

【Qoo@DT2016】Interview of Mr.Catt in Digital Taipei

Mr.Catt is a puzzle game, players work to connect three same-color blocks and erase them, particularly erase all the blocks with stars. It is moderate to play without using much time. It not means Mr. […]