Abyss Horizon: All Unlockable Features

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Abyss Horizon

MorningTec Japan’s much anticipated warship girl harem RPG Abyss Horizon (アビス・ホライズン) has finally debuted! It’s a 3D action RPG which allows players to take the role of a commander oversee an all-female fleet. Your task is to get rid of enemies that have appeared from the Abyss universe named Onihime. This guide will cover initial basics as you begin your journey to collecting and creating your powerful Funahime army!

Main Unlockable Features

As you begin your adventure, you will notice that not everything will be accessible at first. Some requirements must first be met to unlock certain modes that will allow your fleet to grow. Here’s a list of the current modes you can unlock and each requirement. Do note that you don’t have to complete the chapters 100% to unlock these modes.

■ Reinforcement Menu: Complete Chapter I_03
■ Construction Menu: Complete Chapter A_06
■ Abyssal Demon Princess Menu: Complete Chapter I_07
■ Vacation Menu: Reach Admiral Level 25

Aside from unlocking certain modes and menus, you can increase the maximum amount of fleets in-game up to four. Having access to more fleets allows you to create a variety of parties to use per battle. You are only allowed to use one fleet per battle, any extra fleets will go on Expeditions and will be unusable.

 Unlock the First Fleet: Accessible from The Beginning
■ Unlock Second Fleet: Reach Chapter B
■ Unlock Third Fleet: Reach Admiral Level 25
■ Unlock the Fourth Fleet: Reach Admiral Level 35

Expeditions Explained

Abyss Horizon

You might have noticed that once you created additional fleets, you aren’t able to use older fleets. It’s most likely because they’re off on an expedition! Fleets gather resources while on expeditions, you can use these resources to upgrade and create characters or equipment in the Construction menu to use. The extra fleets gather resources while you’re in combat. There are currently three expeditions that are accessible through chapter B up to I, excluding chapter A, which only has two expeditions.

Reinforcement Menu

Abyss Horizon

Once you have access to the Reinforcement Menu, you’ll be able to enhance and re-model your characters along with enhancing various types of equipment. These features that are part of the Reinforcement menu aren’t unlocked right away. Here’s how to unlock the rest of these features!

■ Ship Enhancement: Complete Chapter B_03 (Immediately accessible once Reinforcement Menu is unlocked)
■ Ship Remodeling: Complete Chapter C_06
■ Skills: Complete Chapter C_06
■ Equipment Enhancement: Complete Chapter D_03
■ Equipment Remodeling: Complete Chapter E_01

Construction Menu

Abyss Horizon

The construction menu is your standard gacha but with a twist! There will be four ship and equipment construction slots. Two ship and equipment slots will be immediately usable, but the rest need to be unlocked using in-game currency. Additional ship construction slots will cost 200 gems, while new equipment constructions slots will cost 120 gems. If you would like to speed up the timer, you may use Speed Construction Tickets to finish construction immediately. Each ship construction slot costs a single construction ticket and a required number of steel to craft a random ship girl depending on the type of development chosen.

Abyss Horizon

■ Compact Construction: Costs 1 Construction Ticket and 200 Steel Per Craft; Crafts Light Cruisers, Light Aircraft Carriers, and Destroyers.
■ Large Construction: Costs 1 Construction Ticket and 400 Steel Per Craft; Crafts Light Battleships, Regular Aircraft Carriers, and Heavy Cruisers.
■ Special Construction: Costs 1 Special Construction Ticker and 400 Steel Per Craft. Crafts all ship types.

Equipment construction differs quite a bit. To craft, you must have access to an Equipment
Construction Ticket and 80 steel to craft. You will be given the choice to craft torpedo and missile equipment, aircraft equipment, axillary equipment, and main weapons (gun) equipment.


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