“Final Fantasy VII Remake” Delayed to 10th April 2020 When you wait for a long time, one more month is really nothing.

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Kandagawa Jet Girls PS4 Game Prologue Movie Released The series was surprisingly not too bad. Maybe the game will be pretty cool too!

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Fate/stay night Spin-off Today's Menu for the Emiya Family Arrives Switch in Spring 2020 I never read the manga, but I will certainly play it as a Fate fan!

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Bokuhime Project Release Date Confirmed! Cute is Ultimate Justice! (Gender, who cares?)

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Rayark Games Announces “Deemo II” with New Teaser A sequel for Deemo!!!! I am so excited about this!

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Mai Shiranui Pop-up Shop Announced! It gets weird when it specifies that the shop is suitable for all ages.

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