Reverse: 1999 rocks back to the Swinging ’60s with Regulus’ character EP and trailer.


A 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG hitting iOS, Android and Windows PC on October 26th

When you’re adventuring across time and space, there’s few better places to be than the Swinging Sixties, just one of many eras to visit in 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG Reverse: 1999, launching on October 26th across PC, Android and iOS, with pre-registration open now. Celebrating that legacy of classic British rock supremacy, and coincidentally launching on John Lennon’s birthday, Regulus (Pirate radio DJ by trade, Aracanist by nature, and one of the most important companions you’ll ever meet) is getting her very own EP, entitled ‘ReReReRegulus!!’.

As appointed Timekeeper of the St Pavlov Foundation, ready yourself to confront the “Storm” and unravel the mystery behind this anomalous force threatening all of history as we know it. To prepare, you’ll assemble an elite team of mystical oddballs and misfits from across the eras, with few being as singularly off-beat as Regulus.

Who is Regulus? If you ask her, she’ll tell you that she’s god’s gift to rock and roll. This British brigand is a rebel, a rabble-rouser and pioneer on the musical frontier, and the most important person you’ll ever meet. If you ask her loyal (and potentially delicious) familiar, APPLe, he’ll probably have a few less charitable things to share, but now’s not the time for gossip. There’ll be plenty of room for that on your adventure.

This EP is just one of many musical features that will be accompanying the release of Reverse: 1999 and beyond, aurally exploring its world, eras and characters. This is just one thread in the rich tapestry of world-building players will find in Reverse: 1999, a game that enables players to explore the history of the twentieth century, meet a huge and diverse cast with authentic regional accents and dialects, assemble your team and clash against malevolent Arcanists, eldritch beasts and other foes in strategic RPG combat.


Beyond her many (self-declared) titles and accolades, Regulus is also a powerful Arcanist. Wielding light-bending powers, Regulus is capable of turning herself and others invisible, dazzling foes or dispersing her problems with a laser light-show, making her more than handy in a fight. You’ll need her help (and the aid of many others) on your quest through time to uncover the truth behind the “Storm”, and the mystical events that transpired on the eve of the millennium.

It’s not easy being one of the most popular people in London. Being on the run from the police is one thing, but now Regulus is trying to stay one step ahead of several groups of mysterious masked figures. Check out a life in the day of a mystical pirate DJ in the new trailer below:

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