Arknights A Death in Chunfen Story Collection Event Begins on August 22


Arknights announced that it is starting the A Death in Chunfen story collection event on August 22, which happens to be immediately after the current rerun event, Invitation to Wine takes away its event stages.

The event adds Qiubai and Wind Chimes to Arknights in the latest Limited-time Headhunting, where afterwchich both characters will appear in the game’s standard headhunting permanently. The Event will let players pick up an assortment of upgrade materials, as well as exchange a free Cambrian Melodic Portrayal outfit for Deepcolor.

A new series of Epoque collection items will also be available, for Pozemka, Proviso, Mousse, and Manticore, and Blacknight will have a new skin available from the limited Trials for Navigator event coming soon.

Arknights a Death in Chunfen Event

A Death in Chunfen is a follow-up to the Where Vernal Winds will Never Blow limited event that happened a few weeks ago that coincided with the release of Chongyun.

Follow Qiubai on her solo journey across Yumen to Yanese, a village in Moushan where she stumbles on a runaway child trying to get home, before it devolves into a story of corruption.

Like with every event players need to complete Arknights’ story mode stage chapter 1-10 to participate, and can earn resources like Wellbeing Charms to exchange for rewards from the event shop, including LMD, Recruitment Permits, Information Fragments, Module materials, and more. The special reward from this event isn’t a free operator, but instead a new outfit for Deepcolor, which can be obtained for free.

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 1

Arknights New Operators

The Springtide Snowfall limited headhunting iwll begin, bringing Qiubai and Windchimes to the game, who will join the game’s standard headhunting after the event ends.

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 4

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 5

Qiubai is Lord guard that deals bonus damage to enemies that are slowed, or bounded, with the bonus damage she deals being counted as Arts damage, making her adaptable to both high armored targets and mages.

Her 3rd skill, Snow Asker, expands her range forward slightly, and causes her attacks to deal arts damage while hitting up to 3 targets at a time. She also deals full damage with her ranged attacks, and the bonus from her talent can be doubled, letting her deal incredible damage to enemies that are slowed or binded. This is further supported by her Elite 2 talent, whic causes all of her attackets to have a 20% chance to bind an enemy, and when her 3rd skill is activated, her attack speed increases with each attack, making her a deadly force on the battlefield.

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 12

Wind Chimes is a Crusher Guard with a simple passive talent that raises her max HP, and gives her more attack when her health is above at least 50%. Her 2nd skill, causes her to stop attacking and gain a massive boost of attack, and when her skill ends, she deals up to 230% of her attack to ground enemies in front of her, and stunning them.

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 3

Arknights New Outfits

A new series of Epoque outfits will also be added to the store, featuring new clothes for Manticore, Pozemka, Mousse, and Proviso. These will also be joined by the return of the street-racer themed outfits for Waai fu, and Ceobe!

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 7

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 8

Arknights Trials for Navigator #02

Lastly the Trials for Navigator is getting an update, bringing new rewards for a limited time, and including elite materials, LMD, furniture parts, and the 0011 series Fragrance from the Branches outfit for Blacknight.

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 11

Speaking of furniture, to celebrate the start of the event, a new set of furniture featuring the Yishan temple will be available for purchase from the shop.

Arknights Death In Chunfen Event 0 9

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