Project Sekai Announces Artist Tie-Up with Hiiragi Magnetite and Nyanyannya


At yesterday’s “Project Sekai Wandasho Channel #34” live stream program, the mobile rhythm game Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku has introduced several exciting future updates, including artist tie-ups with music creators Hiiragi Magnetite and Nyanyannya (also known as Daitensai-P), along with a host of new tracks to be added to the game’s extensive music collection.

A collaboration with Pocari Sweat is also underway, featuring an ongoing campaign that includes a web movie. The 2nd Project Sekai Ultimate contest, which calls for ultra-high difficulty songs, is coming in August. Fans can also look forward to the Connect Live Wonderlands×Showtime 1st “STORIES” event, featuring a virtual live performance with all the unit members.

Artist Tie-Ups with Hiiragi Magnetite and Nyanyannya

Hiiragi Magnetite and Nyanyannya (Daitensai-P) are confirmed to join the new music creators, bringing original songs. Hiiragi Magnetite will provide a unit song for ‘Vivid BAD SQUAD’, and Nyanyannya will supply a unit song for Wonderlands×Showtime. These additions will soon be incorporated into the game’s song lineup.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 01

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 02

Upcoming Playable Songs

The following songs will be added as new playable songs.

■ “Decade”
Lyrics/Composition: Dixie Flatline

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 03

■ “Summertime Record (サマータイムレコード)”
Lyrics/Composition: Jin

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 04

Project Sekai “Let’s Create Together!” Selected Song

Selected from the 16th Let’s Create Together! Project Sekai NEXT Music Contest, the song “Disco No.39” (lyrics and composition by Rulmry) will be added to the game as a playable song.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 05

Project Sekai Vocaloid Collection 2023 Spring Selected Song

The collaboration project between Vocaloid Collection and Project Sekai will add “Shinjinrui (新人類)” (lyrics and composition by marasy & Jin) and “Zunda Party Night (ずんだパーリナイ)” (lyrics and composition by namigroove) to the game as playable songs.

“Shinjinrui” was the winning song of the Spring 2023 edition, while “Zunda Party Night” won the Spring 2023 Rookie category.

■ “Shinjinrui”

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 06

■ “Zunda Party Night”

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 07

Project Sekai Sunstar Ora² Collab Song

The song “Warera Stain Busters!” (lyrics and composition by Mashima Yulo) will be added to the game as a playable song.

This collaborative song for the “Kuchimoto Kara Happy Aura! More More Smile! Project” is part of the collaboration between Sunstar Ora² and the all-female idol group MORE MORE JUMP!

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 08

Pocari Sweat Collab

A collaboration with the Japanese isotonic drink Pocari Sweat is currently underway. As part of the collaboration, a web movie titled “Kyou wa Pocari Biyori!” (Today is a Pocari Day!), which emphasizes the key points of heatstroke prevention, is now available on Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s official YouTube channel.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 09

This film features Pocari Sweat’s ambassador, Hatsune Miku, alongside the members of Leo/need. A special website for the collab was also unveiled.

Project Sekai 2nd Ultimate Extreme Difficulty Song Contest

The rhythm game announced its second Project Sekai ULTIMATE contest, running from August 1 to October 31. This competition invites the submission of songs with an extreme difficulty level, specifically those exceeding a MASTER33 level.

The contest, which takes place irregularly, will select up to three songs. The chosen songs will then be incorporated into the game. Participants must post their song entries on YouTube or NicoNico using the contest hashtag.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 10

Project Sekai Wonderlands×Showtime Connect Live

The event Connect Live Wonderland×Showtime 1st ‘STORIES’ will take place on August 6. The virtual live show will be an approximate one-hour performance featuring the members of Wonderlands×Showtime and virtual singers, including Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, and KAITO. With a lineup of full-length MC and full-size songs, the show is slated to run three times throughout the day on August 6.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 11

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 12

Two types of tickets are available for purchase using paid crystals: one performance-only ticket and another as a set with limited special merchandise. Alongside the performance, both virtual goods and real goods will be put up for sale.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 13

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 14

In line with the concert, a login story serving as a prelude to the Connect Live will also be released in the game.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 15

Project Sekai Hoshino Ichika Birthday Live

A virtual live concert will be held to celebrate Hoshino Ichika’s birthday on August 11. A special cheering fan penlight will be available for purchase in the virtual shop for the live. In addition, a Happy Birthday Gacha event will also be held.

QooApp Project Sekai Artist Tie Up 16

Project Sekai Wandasho Channel #34 Live Stream Archive

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