Ensemble Stars’ Workout App Ensemble Training!! Launches on September 19


Ever dream of having your Oshi to be your personal trainer who works out with you anywhere and anytime? The idol-training smartphone game Ensemble Stars! announced that it is releasing a new workout app Ensemble Training!! for iOS and Android on September 19, 2023 in Japan.

The app was first revealed as an April Fool project early this year, but the project came true after a huge response from fans expressing their desire to excise alongside their idols!

The announcement also some with a teaser trailer where you can view the kawaii Himemiya Tori doing exercise! And as he was working out with the franchise’s music, he will also give you notes and advice for your training! The game will also feature the series 51 idols and OBs, which give you the opportunity to select different boys to make exercise a daily habit!

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The original Ensemble Stars! game was first released for smartphones as an idol-training game in Japan in May 2015. It later was rebranded and relaunched in March 2020, with the original app split into two games catering to different gameplay styles: Ensemble Stars!! Basic, the original game; and Ensemble Stars!! Music, a rhythm game.

Set in Yumenosaki Private Academy, a private school that nurtures male idols, the player will produce idols as the only female transfer student in the school’s production department. In the renewed version, the story unfolds at the P organization that supports the idols after they graduated.

Ensemble Training!! Trailer

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