Action game “One Punch Man: World” starts its CBT on 18 OCT


One Punch Man: World“, the first action game of the renowned One Punch Man developed by Perfect World Games and authorized by Shueisha, is now open for its first test in Southeast Asia. For more testing information, please follow the official website, Facebook official account, or Discord channel.


One Punch Man: World Gameplay

Break the limit with this powerful punch! Pre-order now for a multiplayer action game with a Hero role play.

Stage-based story and unique QTE gameplay for classic plots

Stunning 3D HD remaster of characters and scenes, faithfully recreating every detail.

Playable versions of iconic moments, letting players become the Hero Saitama in QTE mode, maximizing the amazing experience in this action game.

The main storyline includes epic boss battles, early access to fan-favorite Heroes, and unlockable rewards.

One Punch Man: World

Original stories outside the anime

Enrich the main storyline with new, original content based on IP. Dive into the hidden secrets and untold tales of the Heroes, experiencing a fresh and immersive perspective in the game.

One Punch Man: World

Skills aligned with the IP and distinctive character development in line with the essence of One Punch Man

Each character has an exclusive attack style, reflecting their unique abilities and allowing for customized strategies.

OPB 07

Exciting battle experience and unique combat mechanics

With two modes of play, solo and multiplayer co-op (4-player maximum), Heroes can unleash powerful combos and chase skills to keep bosses off balance.

Characters of any level display impressive skills, with thrilling ultimate ability animations.

The interaction between characters and bosses revolves around attribute restraint, as different enemies possess different attribute attacks and vulnerabilities. Selecting the right Hero with attribute advantage will greatly improve your battle performance.

OPB 04

A world of endless adventures in the One Punch Man universe

Every detail, from fleeting scenes to dialogues, has been constructed to create a vibrant 3D Hero world. With meticulously designed cities, wilderness areas, and even sewers, the game offers a realistic experience.

OPB 06

Interact with NPCs, enjoy day and night cycles, and experience dynamic weather. Visit shops, indulge in arcade games, and collect treasures to unlock exciting quests and rewards.

Discover a wealth of collectible items and treasure-hunting gameplay. Find and collect them for side quests and special rewards.

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Embark on an exciting Hero’s journey in a whole new world! Join now and team up with Saitama and other Heroes to battle Monsters, defending justice!

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