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Oz Chrono Chronicle (OzCC) is a beautiful masterpiece in its own way. It is generally a beautiful and colorful game with cute 3D characters all around which I think you should try out. I have been playing OzCC since the first day it’s released and find the game very addicted. So far, the game provides us 3 main characters and all 3 of them have tons of cutie costumes to look forward in future.

The game supports landscape and portrait with great detail of characters in both which make 2 options for users to experience. However, I myself found that the landscape mode is more useful in combat because it brings wide view to the battlefield while the portrait view kind of giving user a zoom in look. Both can be changed in setting option.

The UI/ UX are also great. The developers make use of screen space to place buttons reasonably and easy to catch up. A plus point for the icon art design, highly figurative for non-Japanese gamers to understand, for example the Wardrobe icon leads to costume sections while the gatcha machine being.. gatcha machine.

Gameplay / Start tips:

A lot of text, a lot of dialogue for you to read and a Skip button at the intro. Hit skip if you want to. Now that you skipped it, it’s time for you to summon your first gatcha support unit, just do the summon and finish the tutorial.

Anyway, before you go rushing to explore the game combat system, I would suggest you to get used to the game by understanding all the section and basic meaning of it.

JP2Oz Chrono Chronicle Main Menu

(1) Characters information: Display all characters including names, biography, skill tree… More characters will be unlocked when you reach certain point later.
(2) Album: Record dialogue scenes and and CG Arts in game.
(3) Friend: Friend management, remove, request, add new friend…
(4) Wardrobe: Costume changing
(5) In App Purchase: For gems purchase.
(6) Gatcha: You can pull new units and costumes here.
(7) Part-time job / Craftng: You can earn money and making certain stuffs here.
(8) Item: Team management, strengthen, evolve or selling stuffs.
(9) Explore: lead to Boss, story and event tab.
(10) Quest: Contains all kind of quests and rewards.
(11) Bundles: Limited time bundles to purchase.
(12) Gift
(13) Option

The game is pretty straight forward touch and swipe game, and you start with the girl named ドロッー (Doro?) as the first Main character. In the team management, there are 5 empty slots for your sub units which you can equip to your Main character to increase power; each sub units may has passive and active skill however only the Leader can use active skill. I would recommend you switch around units to see which one suit with your combat style.

During combat phase you can learn about the combat style and skill trigger. Then again, I would recommend you use auto function as first and let the AI teach you the way of combat. The auto function is actually semi-automatic since you can dodge around with a swipe and it is actually very useful for new players.

JP3An epic boss fight scence with UI/UX being displayed reasonable

The exploration quest divide into 3 sections Boss, Story and Event. All of them will give you materials after series of battles, some of them are used for Crafting, some for strengthening, selling for gold…. The Boss section will consume the purple energy only which is limited in a day. The other 2 (Story and Event section) will use the green energy which will be refill slowly.

F2P vs P2P – Strategy for spending:

Obviously there is always a space between F2P and P2P in all kind of games. However, the gap certainly aren’t the problem in OzCC. Most sub units in gatcha has potential to reach 5-6 stars, you only need some time to upgrade and evolve.
– “Will I be able to clear hard content with my weak units?” Yes you can. It takes time before you can clear it easier but easier does not mean you can clear it with your eyes closed. Slowly upgrade your main characters and sub units, grinding in Boss section for the Boss provide a huge amount of exp, patient and find a good list of friends.
– “Should I purchase gems or bundles?” Well maybe. It is a great boost with bundles purchased but not a must. As I said above, they key is patient. Slowly build up your units and practice your combat skills, these are actually bigger matter than gems and bundles.

As for F2P, rather than considering if you should buy gems or not, I would highly suggest you keep login and finish your daily quest as the game right now is at its very “dawn”, there will be plenty of gift for you including gems and good units.


WAVE3Studio has created a unique and an amazing game itself that I have grown to love. The game is really easy to pick up even if you don’t know Japanese, a great simple to show how good Japanese game can be. Anyway, that’s all for my review and tips for OzCC, I hope you will enjoy the game and play it. Thank you for your reading.

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