【Qoo@IGS2016】Interview with “Zombies VS Pirates” Developer



1) Would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of QooApp?
My name is Arnold. I’m from the Netherlands. 38 years old. I’m married and we live with three cats in a house that use to be a horse riding shop. I love playing video games and I love making them.

2) Why did you decide to enter the world of indie gaming? 
For nearly ten years I have worked for a small mobile gaming company where I made numerous mobile games. During those years I’ve been through the whole evolution of J2ME to Android and iOS. We used to make games that had to run on devices with a display resolution of 128×128. That just seems crazy now. I learned a lot those years and I loved working there.

Sadly, april last year the company went bankrupt and I was out of a job. At that point I decided to start my own company all by myself. I figured I had enough experience and with all the development tools available nowadays, it has never been easier to make and distribute your own games.

3) I found that the topics of your games are mostly related to zombies, is there any reason?
Evil Dead 2, Army Of Darkness and the original Dawn of the Dead are amongst my favorite movies. Resident Evil 4 and Dead Rising, the first one, are some of my favorite games. So you could say I like zombies.

On top of that, as an indie you have to make the most of your resources. Whenever you can recycle something, you should.

4) How would you describe “Zombies VS Pirates”?
A lighthearted fun game. That offers something different compared to the slew of zombie games already out there.

5) What about your thoughts on the current state of gaming?
To quote one of my favorite podcasts the Giant Beastcast: “It’s the best time to be playing video games!”
There is something out there for everyone and on so many different platforms. But we also seem to be on the verge of some kind of mayor change with VR emerging and Microsoft and Sony going into this phone-like upgrade path with their consoles. I’m very curious where all this will be going.

6) What does the future hold?
I’ll continue improving Zombies VS Pirates. But I’m also working on the next game, which by the way will have no zombies in it, this time it’s going to be all about airplanes. So look out for that!