【Qoo@IGS2016】Crossover Event in “Zombies VS Pirates”



“Zombies VS Pirates” is now listed on QooApp Indie Game Show 2016. Let’s have a try!

Game Description

Zombies vs Pirates is a game where you play as the zombie. Pirates have taken over your island and you must infect them in order to gain back territory.

In this 8 bit top-down scrolling mobile game, you move the zombie up and down and attempt to infect the many pirates in order to increase your force until your each a certain quota to regain the island. Barriers can be broken down for gold and animals can be killed for special power-ups.

However, this game is not without its challenges. If the screen catches up to one of your zombies, you lose him. Zombies can also be killed by pirates equipped with weapons, which include swords, guns and bombs.

Crossover Event: “Zombies VS Pirates” X  “QooApp”

You can select different kinds of skin for your Zombie army. Arnold, the game developer, made a Qoo skin for all QooApp users. Let’s conquer the world (Island?) together!