【Qoo ACG】Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name criticized by manga artist: Boring



Japanese Fuji TV showed the TV program バイキング on October 6th , in which the manga artist Tatsuya Egawa, well-known by his comic Tokyo Daigaku monogatari, sharply criticized Makoto Shinkai’s new work Your Name(君の名は). The anime film was topical number-one, with a total of ¥13.8 billion (about US$134 million) in gross.

“The film shouldn’t have such box office, for so many commercial elements in it. Just like the adult version of Doraemon.”It is completely boring for professional viewers. ””The film without depth totally can not reflect the individual characteristics.” Tatsuya Egawa said in the program. Even faced with objections of other guests in the program, he said that that anime film can be called fascism film in a sense to cause argument between fans and people who think it boring.

Besides, Hiroyukikish from Keio University who knew Makoto Shinkai well also said that many animation professions agreed with Tatsuya Egawa. In his view, Your Name is more a MTV than a film. Most importantly, Makoto Shinkai is fully aware of the trend of times, that is although film is a kind of thing that needs to careful taste and think deeply, but audiences prefer movies easy to understand in this smart phone times.

The program brought a hot discussion in Japan. Manga artist Hiroya Oku wrote “this person is not professional” on his Twitter, and even arouses an upsurge of multi criticism.

Although Makoto Shinkai’s long-length animation always with a powerful and unconstrained style, we can also enjoy its fantastic scene and incidental music. Your Name will show on Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

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  1. Then they should create something like Kimi Na Wa, and make audience feel wanna watch it multiple time.

  2. The movie so very good and story very fine ,anime landscape very beautiful.