【Qoo Download】Com2uS. “SOULZ MAJESTY” File Delete Beta Test have officially begin!


QooApp being first to release the APK version here!

A new work under the Korean Gaming Company Com2uS [SOULZ MAJESTY (소울즈:마제스티)] Starting their File Delete beta test with the Korean, Japanese and American regions.


[SOULZ MAJESTY] being released by TINOGAMEZ, it includes eastern, western, olympus, fatany, dark 5 different leagues. It is a real time strategic battle game. Spectate, game modes, and direct control are all available for players, making it very convenient.

The beta test began yesterday (Oct 25th) till November 4th, an 11 day test. All data will be washed completely when the test is completed.

HomePage: http://cafe.naver.com/com2usoulz

Soulz: Majesty CBT (Unreleased) Com2uS :