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Accessing Arch Journal – Volume 1, Chapter 1: The Pirate Queen – Grace O’Malley

Forewords of the Arch Journal

During my journey with the rewriters, I am able to experience numerous vastly diverse yet remarkably intriguing historic events in person. Those great remnants that joined the rewriters’ cause shared their story with me; they showed me their goal, ambitions, determination and the courage to continue in desperate situation. Knowing that there will be limits on the depth of these heroes’ life being explained, I sought help from T.S.U.K.O.M.I and R.I.S.E.M.A.R.A to create this Arch Journal to show you just a bit more about who they really are and why they have done what they did. May you found knowledge and wisdom while reading these journals.


16122204354570The symbol of County Mayo and a true leader of the O’Malleys.

The Pirate’s Way


I still remember when I first met Grace O’Malley on the coast of Donegal, north of Ireland. Encountering pirates while traveling on the lawless sea is almost as certain as the sun raising from the east; yet I didn’t expect femininity in such situation.


Looks like we are in the presence of the renowned Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley. Just like any powerful figure in the history, many of Grace’s stories may have been glorified by her followers or demeaned by her enemies; but my job here is to connect you with her, and show you traces of the life of this prominence lady as she raged controversies in a male dominant era of the 15th centuries. Since Nagisa is busy fighting, let me do the explaining. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Time to put on the geek glasses!]

Grace O’Malley, the daughter of Eoghan Dubhdara O’Malley, was born in Clew Bay on Clare Island, west of Country Mayo and the seemingly lawless Ireland. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Henry VIII was the King of England and Lord of Ireland during that time, though no one bothered too much with the land in Ireland, not to mention the people on the land]. Due to the lack of effective governing, this forsaken land had become the properties of powerful clans who resided on it, and the O’Malley Clan was one of them. The O’Malley chieftains [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: The word Chieftain means leader of the clan] had been sea traders for many generations and therefore they are extremely familiar with the sea around County Mayo.


Being the only child of the chieftain family, it is hard to say that Grace was not spoiled. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: She is definitely spoiled!] Ever since she was young, Grace had always wanted to travel with her father on the lawless sea and see what’s beyond that fixed horizon, some folklore even mentioned that Grace once concealed herself in the luggage on the boat and only showed herself after the boat sailed far away from the port; so, her father could not send her back. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: See what I mean by spoiled now?]

Grace’s father realised it was probably too hard to fight his own lineage and soon accepted Grace to be his successor. Without disappointment, Grace had lead the O’Malley clan to sail much further than any of the previous chieftains ever did. Grace’s talents to lead the clan and sail the sea had made her a formidable figure in the whole County Mayo. And I guess by the time when Shingo, Nagisa and Maria met Grace near the coast of Donegal, the O’Malley had already gained sea control beyond north of Connacht.


Even though we won the battle against Grace when she raided our ship, her intense charisma was enough to alter the outcome of the battle to her favor. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Now if that’s not what spoiled is, then I don’t know what the word means anymore.] Instead of forcing us to "walk the plank", which some of you is very familiar with if you watch a lot of those pirate movie, Grace offer us a chance to join her crew.



Personally, I have absolutely no problem about joining Grace’s crew. By the time when Grace inherited her father’s business, mastered its trading method and developed a tax system in the lawless Irish sea, Grace O’Malley was said to own more than 1000 cattles and horses in County Mayo. It is literally like being an acquaintance of the Queen.

[T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Just to give you an idea about the currency back then:
1 Pound=20 Shillings
1 Crown=5 Shillings
1 Shilling=12 Pence
1 Pence=4 Farthing

Cattles was worth approximately 10 shillings each, and a horse was approximately 10 pounds each. A knight in 15th centuries earns 4 Shilling a day, and an Earl receive 200-500 pounds per year. Grace’s net worth was approximately 15000 pounds. Q.E.D: The Bill Gate of the 15th Centuries!]


Despite the fact that Grace was wealthy, she valued talented and brave individuals over mere gold coins. To Grace, a trustworthy subordinate can generate as much value as a brand new gold mine. It is because of Grace’s attitude towards great individuals and how she treated them equally, many strong men were from her clan and other part of the continent obeyed her commands willingly. As for Grace, to be the leader of this fearless crowd, she must be tougher, stronger and braver than all of them.



Now I know some of you suspect that Grace is nothing but a female rogue who lived with a bunch of barbarians, well at least I know that’s what Shingo thought. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Shingo, so young, so simple.]

But according to R.I.S.E.M.A.R.A’s report, Grace can speak fluent Latin and was fostered in a well-educated family like many Irish nobles would do to their children; This is more like an Irish tradition. In terms of pirating, doing sea trading business on an ungoverned sea is just as risky as playing with fire; no one can thrive on this land by simply relying on reasons and fairness. Grace did what she had to do in the time, and as far as I know, she was fair to both of her people and her enemies.


Religions have always been a big thing in the history. The two prominent religions flourishing during Grace’s lifetime was the Catholic from the Romans and the Protestant from the England. Though people in Ireland had a strong connection with the Catholic, Grace never completely believed in any of the two religions mentioned above, because in those merchants’ eyes of her, she will only follow the winning side. [T.S.U.K.O.M.I: Very entrepreneurial, well after all, Grace is a merchant, not a prayer.]


While Shingo, Nagisa and Maria were having fun in the party, I went outside of the pub to feel the breeze of Clew Bay. Starring into the diamond sky of Clare Island, I sensed a tremendous force was approaching this beautiful land, I sensed the formidable power of another Queen from the south…



[T.S.U.K.O.M.I: -To Be Continued]

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