QooApp is Recruiting Now!

【Recruiting Now! 】

Till this day, over 8,000,000 gamers has trusted QooApp for ACG information and gaming resources!

QooApp is extending its service to all over the world, and we are looking forward to globally talents to join us!

Contact Email :  career@qoo-app.com

QooApp is: 

– An professional mobile game platform specializing Japanese and Korean games;

– A crew of fun, energetic professionals in Internet and Gaming;

– where you will have the opportunity to participate world famous game conventions and meet with top tier developers!


Game News Contributors

We are looking for writers dedicated to writing the latest in mobile game news, indie games outside of Asia especially welcomed.

This will include coverage of games in development, conducting interviews, attending game expos and comic cons and more.

Press passes are usually available for these events which will be provided to you where applicable. 

Job nature: Freelance

Contact Email :   career@qoo-app.com

NOTE: Please send along your writing sample with the email.

Game Review Contributors/ Game Columnist

As a review contributor forQooApp you will be provided with game review copies where possible. 


  • Have excellent English writing skills.
  • Ability to work on your own initiative.
  • Be able to deliver articles stably and punctually.
  • Knowledgeable in the mobile gaming industry.

Job nature: Freelance

Contact Email :    career@qoo-app.com

NOTE: Please send along your writing sample with the email.

在〈QooApp is Recruiting Now!〉中有 1 則留言

  1. Dear QooApp HR department,
    My name is Asagi Tran and I am from Vietnam. I have been using QooApp as one of my gamestore for a couple of years, mainly purpose would be playing Japanese games and learning about Asia game news. I also enjoying writing review about games I have played and playing, so that people who do not have time may have a quick look into games which they might love to try.
    Right now, I am working at Gameloft and have been working there for 4 years, which have been providing me a good knowledge in gaming industry. My job was QA engineer, mostly writing test case, capture and describe bugs and contact with Develop teams for fixing.
    Moreover, I would like to hear more about the job detail of Game Review Contributer? About workload and job information for example. Please, contact me by the email if you find my application is suitable. I am looking forward for your reply.
    Thank you for your time.