[Qoo Download] Need a girlfriend? Main Heroine Kato Megumi’s demo is out


Now you can have a girlfriend – you can pretend to have one, at least.

Today (11 November) Sony Music Communications released a free demo of AI chatting app Main Heroine Kato Megumi on Android. The official launch on iOS and Android will not be free unfortunately, however.

(Which means Mr. Qoo can’t put it up on QooApp! Sigh……)

This demo is for testing purposes, therefore most features from the full game are not included. In Main Heroine Kato Megumi, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend’s Kato Megumi will call users’ names to wake them up everyday and remind them of the weather and their schedules. The users will be able to have simulated conversations with Megumi since the latest speech synthesis technology is used to develop this app.

Go ahead and get it so this Christmas won’t be so lonely…

唯一的她 加藤惠 (體驗版) Sony Music Communications Inc. :