Music shooting game Cosmos Girl Notes launched on iOS and Android

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Mobile shooting game Cosmos Girl Notes is available now on iOS and Android. Cosmos Girl Notes is developed by Japanese developer freep.

The game is set in a futuristic territory where the oppressive government ディオグレティア reigns. Players take the role of three girls and lead the army of クーデーター to rebel against the government. The shooting in this game is rhythmic.

宇宙少女筆記02 宇宙少女筆記03

宇宙少女筆記04 宇宙少女筆記05

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コスモガールノーツ~無料音ゲー!爽快・人気のリズムゲーム 宇宙少女筆記 コスモガールノーツ~無料音ゲー!爽快・人気のリズムゲーム freep Inc.